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How to Be a Dad

In Memories, We Live On

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Today is an important one. Today, we take a moment to remember people, both familiar and unknown. These faces fill books and the names are etched in walls, but you mightn’t have ever fully sat with them.

My older son has just started asking the bigger questions. As he’s begun to learn life is a bit more complex, so too has his line of questioning become filled with detailed nuances about life, death, evil, good and the makings of a good sandwich. The important stuff.

I remember hearing stories, as a boy, of cousins and second cousins twice-removed who served. My family members performed their civic duties in many ways, some in more dangerous ways than others. These stories brought more questions which led to some dead ends about why we fight, and the cost of sacrifice.

Now, my son is touching the partitions of these walled up roads.

All I can say is the questions remain. And the lists get longer. These men and women deserve our respect, regardless of political opinion, because they gave something that should’ve never been up for the taking.

Thank you, servicemen and servicewomen, for what you’ve given us. And for all that we’ll never know because we’ve lost you. May we hear the echo of your silence.


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  1. Jenincanada says:

    They gave something that never should have been up for the taking…

    How incredibly true. Thank you.

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