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How to Be a Dad

Parenterms: “Grayllow”

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Parenterm Grayllow

When “off white” is so far off that it has entered the whiteness relocation program and changed its name, it has probably changed its name to Grayllow.

With any article of clothing that’s white, or close enough to wind up in the “lights” laundry pile, there’s a certain point when you can’t boil or bleach out all the things they’ve seen.

It can be hard to let go when they’ve become so incredibly comfy, and some people reeeeeeally stretch it. However, all tighty whities become loosey drabbies. Every under shirt will someday look really under the weather. Any favorite tank top will ultimately hit rock bottom.

It’s best to go Elsa on any grayllow piece of clothing you find: Let it go.


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  1. Kat says:

    My father grew up in a communist eastern bloc country, and grayllow isn’t even on his radar. He would literally wear a pair of shorts/track suit pants till the holes couldn’t hold out anymore, and they gently disintegrated off of his body. Usually while working on the car, mowing the lawn or gardening. After which, they were still not allowed to die, but were repurposed as rags.

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