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How to Be a Dad

Types of Boogers (A Cartoonized Guide)


Types of Boogers Funny Cartoon Illustrated Guide

When we’re younger, we’re nearly always poorly educated about boogers. It’s obvious kids are fascinated by them, but parents and adults don’t tend to go much beyond “stop that” and “oh god gross” and “get that out of your mouth!” when it comes to the subject. Kids are typically left to explore the two tunnels under their noses and discover the naturally-occurring, earth-toned treasure for themselves.

However you deal with your own nasal emeralds, when you have kids, it’s guaranteed you’re going to experience a LOT more in the booger department than you ever did as the simple owner of your own body. But take heart, the quantity of boogers kids generate won’t astonish you half as much as what they wind up doing with them. Maybe that wasn’t very reassuring.

So, how is this Instructional Diagram at all useful, you may be thinking? The more you know… right?! WRONG! You obviously have no idea which website you’re on if you’re asking that question or even bothering to think! HAH!

This is just for laughs, people. Laughs to make the never-ending booger and snot parade more tolerable. Deep, quiet, bitter laughs to soothe the soul.

Which kind of booger are you?

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Ever wonder the nutritional value of boogers?
You came to the right place… for that answer at least.

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3 Responses to “Types of Boogers (A Cartoonized Guide)”

  1. Ananya says:

    The Fossil is also a somebody!

  2. Andy says:

    The Fossil knows so much. We should build a campfire so he can tell us his stories.

  3. Jillmarie Peterson says:

    The one that gets me is the flappy guy in the back that flaps like a flag when you breathe in and out. The Flapper can also cause a whistle. Don’t even try to reach him, blow him out if you can. The Flapper is a persistent little booger.

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