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How to Be a Dad

10 Ways Not To Use A Baby Carrier


How Not To Use A Baby Carrier.
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Babywearing and parents go together like apples and cheese. Wait, is that only me? It’s a thing, I promise.

Anyway, wearing babies is not only an amazing, comfortable way to be mobile with your bundle of boy or girl, it’s also fashion forward. Or forward facing, if you will. But you have to do a little reading before you saddle up. You should know your options and choose them according to safety, carrier preference and lastly, but not most importantly, how much SWAGGER you have.

That’s right. You have to know your swagger limits, party parents. You can’t just stroll down the block without knowing the right way to carry DAT BABY.

Forward facing is awesome when your babies get a bit older and bigger. Plus, it’s ergonomic so your baby can type your blog posts for you without getting carpal tunnel. In fact, Arden is writing this post now as we speak.

The cool thing though, on this carrier, is that it’s a four position carrier that’s designed with a wider, frog-legged base. So then you can do this…


A few dadhacks I’ve figured out in rocking the FFO (for those in the biz of babywearing when we refer to “front facing out” wears) include:

    -I like to FFO when I have a fun reason like going to the museum or talking to animals.
    -I usually FFO when it’s pretty chilled out. I’m not about to babywear my son to an action movie.
    -If my son seems tired, I switch him back inward just in case. I don’t want him to get overstimulated.
    -Seriously, if your baby needs some snuggles, flip them back around towards you. It’s best for both of you.

But you know what? Don’t take my word for it.

Why don’t you enter to win one for yourself and babywear until the cows come home. But make sure you don’t babywear those cows. They’re not into. Not that I would know. Allegedly.


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Disclosure: Ergobaby paid for this diagram post because they know we aren’t experts. We’re just dads who like babies. And wearing things. And wearing babies. These opinions are ours because someone else would look really stupid if they were theirs. We thank them for underwriting this post, which we would’ve written no matter what. Because we’re idiots.


6 Responses to “10 Ways Not To Use A Baby Carrier”

  1. Brent says:

    I dunno the bouquet holder looks pretty nice.

    I’ll be sharing this with my bro and SIL, who have both a baby and a ukulele that need carrying.

  2. cat lady says:

    The first time I comment here and its gonna be a nerdy one:) I am really impressed you mentioning the frog-legged position! Most people have no idea about it and they are doing it wrong/not using the proper equipment. You are actually giving more useful information in your posts than the “real” parenting sites.
    While I am already here I might as well make up for my silence from all these years reading you and spam the whole page…but let me say you and Andy both have beautiful awesome families and I check your site at least once a week all the way from Hungary and I wish we had a local site like yours! Keep up the good work!!

  3. Renee says:

    Charlie, charlie, charlie… NOT underwear! hahaha

    But the new Ergobaby carrier looks great! OMG! I might need to replace my Performance Ergobaby carrier. 🙂

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