How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Awkward Dadly Photos

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Awkward Family Photos Dads

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but awkward pictures are worth a thousand awkwards.

You’ve probably seen some of the pics from our friends at, but you’re missing out if you haven’t seen the hilarious titles, captions and backstories that go with the crazy photos.

Their site is like the Smithsonian of utterly terrible family photos, and they have it all broken down by category. We were delighted to discover they have a DAD section. Here’s a sampling of 15 hilarious pics…

Rise And Shine
Awkward Family Photos Dads
The burden of fatherhood.

She’s Got Pull
Awkward Family Photos Dads
Enjoy the ride.

A Message For Dad
Awkward Family Photos Dads
Sorry, Dad. You’ll have to wait until June to get some love.

Just The Facts
Awkward Family Photos Dads
“This is a photo of my sister (the murderer), my brother (the reporter), and my Dad (the victim). The way I’ve heard the story told, as I was still a few years from being born, they lived next to a reporter for the local news channel and one day, my dad decided it would be funny to stage this picture…complete with “blood stains” on his back. The back of the picture actually says, “Just the Facts, Ma’am, 8/01/75.”

Up A Creek
Awkward Family Photos Dads
It’s a beautiful thing when a father and daughter can share a moment like this.

Awkward Family Photos Dads
“At a family birthday party, I thought I would do the fatherly thing and play a little soccer with my daughter. As I approached her to try to steal the ball, she sent a rocket in my direction. I was okay after writhing on the ground for a few minutes. We switched to football for the rest of the afternoon.”

Awkward Family Photos Dads
His cry sounded so much like a laugh.

Awkward Family Photos Dads
The cleaners lost his shirt.

Freeze Frame
Awkward Family Photos Dads
Question is… how did the baby make it to the top of the pile?

The Family Business
Awkward Family Photos Dads
You can never start passing on your knowledge too soon.

Awkward Family Photos Dads
This is what happens when you forget to take out the trash.

Awkward Family Photos Dads
Never fall asleep on the job.

Baby Bjorn
Awkward Family Photos Dads
Here’s to the man who always knows how to improvise.

Potty Training
Awkward Family Photos Dads
You’re never too old to learn.

Beauty Sleep
Awkward Family Photos Dads
She was the apple of his armpit.

You’ll probably never be able to harshly judge bad photos of you or your family and friends the same way again.

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