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How to Be a Dad

My Kid Just Said… #55

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“Daddy? How does Dark Vader eat?”
(2014, 5 years old)

To answer your question: the Disney store. That’s where we got these ridiculously amazing PJs. (ALSO IT HAS A TINY DETACHABLE CAPE!)

There he stood, my little Dark Vader in his new PJs. My feelings were conflicted at first, the wincing inner nerd doing battle with my melted dad heart about the fact that he calls him Dark Vader. The Dad side of the Force won, though. It’s just too damned adorable. And Vader IS dark both literally and figuratively, after all. My little lad did try saying it correctly once and it came out Darf Vader, so I really just can’t lose on this one.

What really threw me about his question was that I never thought of it. How DOES he eat??? In all my years of being a Star Wars nut, I never thought about how Lord Vader EATS. It really got me thinking. I thought of the meditation chamber Vader sits in with the top hood of his helmet off and pictured a snack bar nearby. I pondered the possibility of feeding tubes connecting to the mysterious control panel on his chest. And then, even crazier, I found myself asking HOW DOES DARTH VADER POOP!?! Hahahahahaha!

Leave it to your children to cast something so familiar in a new light with the miniature lightsabers of their bright padawan minds.

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3 Responses to “My Kid Just Said… #55”

  1. Joel says:

    My 2 year old daughter is obsessed with Batman. Imagine my surprise when that happens. I can’t wait for all the mispronounced names! She frequently has me recite the names of the comic characters on my shirts. Pointing to one and asking me who it is. She’s memorized a few already. So adorable.

  2. Holly says:

    Great Pjs!! And great question. I love how kids can reduce us to poo jokes… Oh who am I kidding I love poo jokes.

  3. mktaj says:

    cute! reminds me of my son, who got a Darth Maul mask and calls it his “dark mulch” mask. 🙂

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