How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Your #Dadchelor Moment

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Every dad has experienced that moment when they got “the news” they were going to have a baby.

But everyone’s story is different. Reactions and emotions can be as varied as a snowflake, or as similar as a pair of socks. Some feel the elation of being given a powerful, beautiful gift while others feel the weight of duty enclose around them like some futuristic robot suit. Some laugh, some cry, some stare dumbly at nothing for a little while. A glimpse into your foreseeable future can be a beautifully chaotic and intense moment.

Whatever a man’s response was to “the news,” he goes from being himself to being a father-to-be, or in other words: a dadchelor.

Baby showers have been around for a long time, but dadchelor parties – the chance to say goodbye to your child-free days – are a new thing. We’ve partnered with Mike’s Hard Lemonade because we know that unless you’re really a new dad, you probably didn’t have a chance to enjoy one of these new man parties with your friends prior to changing your child’s first diaper. Together, we are offering you the chance to win a $100 cash giftcard to have your own belated-dadchelor party.

THE CHALLENGE and Mike’s want to know YOUR dadchelor story (or your baby daddy’s story, if you’re a mom)! Use #dadchelor and #mikeshard on Twitter, Vine or Instagram to tell/show us how you celebrated the news of your first child. Post your unique dadchelor moment, whatever it was!


Just tweet of post your moment using the hashtags #dadchelor and #mikeshard on Twitter, Vine or Instagram, then use the Rafflecopter entry system below to tell us where your entry lives by pasting a link. You’ll then be entered to win one of four gifts cards care of mike’s hard lemonade to host your own belated-bachelor celebration.

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We’ll post your entries here! Get posting!

That moment I realized I was going to be a dad. #dadchelor #mikeshard

Disclosure: Mike’s Hard Lemonade wasn’t hard to work with and we thank them for supporting us with this sponsored post. If you’d like a private dadchelor party dance, just let us know. Andy is available for bookings.


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