How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

What It’s Like Being A Parent: Part Five

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What's it like being a parent of multiple kids?

Last week, we described what parenting is like when kids have accidents. It’s inevitable. And brutal.

Today, let’s chat about siblings. Having a baby is a magical thing. But then you start to wonder if you should have more. My wife and I debated over this topic for a while.

Having two babies is a lesson in juggling things that bite and break stuff and love you and feel things. So, basically it’s juggling angry kittens. Some brothers and sisters love each other. Some fight. Some do both. And at the same time, which is confusing. But we wanted to take some time today to illustrate what it’s like having multiple kids and the sibling relationship.

Here’s what it’s like…

When People Ask You About Having Multiple Kids

What Your Kid Does When Their Sibling Is Asleep

When They Want The SAME Toy

When They Play Games In The House

When You Try To Laugh At Their Jokes Equally

When They Hug Each Other And Ask You If You’re Crying Because You’re Sad

In the end, if having more than one kid is the right thing for you to do, then by all means do it. It’s amazing. Just know that protective gear won’t guard against the ravages of having multiple kids. A sense of humor is the only thing that will get you through. And massive amounts of energy/caffeine.

What It’s Like Being A Parent: Part One
Let’s start from the beginning. It’s a real treat.

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