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How to Be a Dad

My Kid Just TEXTED… #53

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The first “text” my youngest son sent me looked more like someone poured water on my wife’s phone.

This was the first text exchange with my youngest son, Lucas, 5 years old. Well… the first one that made sense. Sort of.

My two older boys were already learning advanced math when they got their phones, so there wasn’t this unique transition from accidentally texting while using a smart phone as a teething toy to actually sending messages that (with a little kid decryption) actually constituted meaningful words. AND emojis!

The Minecraft reference was the cherry on top of this dad’s melted nerd heart.

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  1. Ron Husges says:

    My 3 year old daughter will text me at work from my wife’s phone…just a bunch of gobbly gook letters and emoticons. Then I respond with a few animated cat gifs. Thats our thing now and we have a silly way to communicate.

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