How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Parties: Before and After Kids



Having kids is such a gift, one that gives you soooooo much. But it also takes things from you. It eats all your food, throws up on your shirt, uses up your toilet paper, walks into rooms naked, constantly asks questions and sleeps most of the time unless it’s bedtime. Looking at it now, kids are basically like horrible roommates.

But, remember those golden moments of freedom and celebration back in the days before kids. Parties. The fun and frolicking of good times together. We made epic memories. Or at least tried to make the good memories outweigh the bad.

Then, kids came and things changed. Sort of. Totally.

Getting together became rarer, more complicated. Invites go unanswered or excuses are made about “child fevers” so we can just melt in bed and watch our favorite shows before getting precious minutes of sleep. Throwing our own soirees became flamboyant events or just too hard to (or-)deal with.

Check out mike’s rainbow of flavors!
We honestly didn’t know that mike’s hard lemonade has more than a dozen flavors. Hard black cherry lemonade, hard strawberry lemonade, hard cranberry lemonade, etc., something for every occasion (dadchelor or post-kid parties included).

We work so hard in so many ways when we become parents. Building our childs’ lives doesn’t mean that we have to completely tear down our own.

You may have eased the partying transition with one of those newfangled dadchelor parties, basically a baby shower for soon-to-be-dads, except it’s more and hanging out with your buds than baby-shaped cakes and “guess what’s in the diaper.”

We partnered with mike’s hard lemonade because we both want you to keep hitting it hard and partying even after you have a kid.

Even though mike’s is a perfect addition to a dadchelor party, the occasion doesn’t need to be a farewell to partying.

More Instructional Diagrams
Hopefully these are as refreshing as a cold mike’s on a warm summer day.


6 Responses to “Parties: Before and After Kids”

  1. The_iDad says:

    Haha I love the graphic! It is all so true. I have recently deleted my ‘before kids’ music playlist as it was too depressing to have to scroll past it to get to the ‘kids party’ playlist!

  2. Scott says:

    So where can I get a Darth Vader balloon statue? Thinking back, that would’ve been pretty popular at a pre-kid party too….

  3. If it means that we get Darth Vader balloon decorations, then having a baby sounds like the best decision ever!

  4. Audrey says:

    Yes, balloons. Party before kids: no balloons. Party after kids: You will pass out while blowing up an entire package of balloons. Somebody will cry when one pops.

  5. Vino says:

    Negative. My old lady and I switch off on who watches the kids and who goes out. If we both want to, then we know an excellent crazy babysitter that cried when we took our kids from her daily care when my wife left her job.

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