How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

This Baby Plays Better Basketball Than You

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3-Year-Old Ninja Caught on Video

I feel like a baller if I hit any part of a trashcan or laundry basket I’m aiming for, and IF I MAKE IT? Well that’s like winning the World Olympics Stanley Series Super Championship Cup for me. I’m a nerd (if that wasn’t evident), so it also makes me feel telekinetic. The reason for my over-inflated euphoria is that I’ve always been utterly awful at sports, so the statistical likelihood of me making a shot at all is simply proportionate to a professional basketball player’s full-court shot, in the last second of the game, during a massive earthquake.

So, it’ll come as no surprise this video just blows me away. Not in a jealous way; I’m too disinterested in sports myself and too friggin’ impressed by this baby. Even if this baby doesn’t play basketball better than you, you’ll be impressed, too.

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