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How to Be a Dad

Parent Pro Tip: Reacting

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Parent Pro Tip Reacting

Some people fail to realize that when they’re dealing with a kid, they’re dealing with an attention-addicted little human who’s most prized dealers of attention are adults.

For a kid, a simple chuckle from Mom and Dad can be like an epic slow clap in a packed stadium. However, young kids don’t quite grasp the concept of a joke getting old, or that causing shrieks and shouts is a lower-class form of entertainment. Consequently, the first thing a kid tends to want to do is… to do it again. And again and again and again.

Personally, I never really stopped being repeatedly repetitious in an obnoxiously obnoxious way, so I’m sort of immune to the Chinese water torture of a kid asking a knock knock joke over and over and over. But for other’s without this defense, let this serve as a valuable sanity-maintenance tip.

Also, do remember, this warning applies to the things your kid DOES as well as what they say. Just know what you’re getting yourself into when you lose it, one way or another, because your kid flops over, spreads their buns and shows you the crater in their teeny moon.

React responsibly. Or laugh and laugh and laugh and hope they don’t do it public.

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3 Responses to “Parent Pro Tip: Reacting”

  1. Peter P. says:

    This is good advice. I’m currently teaching my son when the joke’s over. He doesn’t get it, no matter how many times I give him the off-with-his-head gesture from The Dictator.

  2. Jill C says:

    When my son (who had Autism at the time), was four, he called me Mom Bomb Dot Com about 654187231294203 times a day until I nearly went out of my head. Everyone else thought it was funny.

    • DoctorMom says:

      What do you mean your son “had” autism? There is no cure and I question that he was ever autistic if it’s in the past tense.

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