How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Play Games… WITH PIZZA!


Pizza Games funny infographic

The DiGeniuses at DiGiorno® helped us bring you this post, but the ideas are purely the symptoms of my own hunger and insanity and are intended for entertainment purposes only. Please operate pizza responsibly!


It’s generally agreed that kids shouldn’t play with their food. This probably comes from the fact that kids’ hands are filthier than most dumpsters and because they tend to forget the actual eating part when making miniature food castles.

You’re not a kid anymore, though. You wash your hands and have a special place in your stomach’s heart for the avoidance of starvation. So! Turn your pizza into a colosseum for a battle of wits! (Okay, so maybe there isn’t quite an avalanche of wits going on here.)

WARNING: Let those cheesy discs of heaven cool off before starting a game. Duh!
PRO TIP: Some people take half of forever with their turns, so invest in a pizza warming contraption. The cost is nothing compared to a gaming console or a closet full of board games. Use some tinfoil and a candle if you’re that cheap.


A Better Idea

Now, if you’ve got kids and suffer from a strong sense of responsibility to lead by example, it may be better for you to have fun with your pizza in the preparation process, the way DiGiorno® thought to do with their Design a Pizza line of yum. Igniting your kids’ imagination about cooking might be better than letting them witness their parents slamming toppings down triumphantly.

Just a thought.

Okay… sooooooo, I couldn’t resist.


I had to try it out, and bring this scientific edible-gaming theory into practice. It didn’t go quite as expected and the results were inconclusive (we ate it immediately).

But there are no failures in the science and gaming of pizza! Only theories that require further experimentation and games that need continuous practice. Lots and lots of experimentation and practice.


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