How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Parenting Hindsight is 20/??

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If time travel were possible you can bet that most of the travelers would be parents desperately seeking to undo things that have happened or check up on their kids down the line. We live in a constant state of hindsight and it’s honestly the lamest superpower anyone could have.

Today, we’ve partnered with Lifelock to give you an inside look into every way we’d turn back time, childproof the world or wish we’d known things before they happened.

Childproofing After A Head Bonk

You feel it IN YOUR SOUL when your child hurts themselves. And head injuries are the worst. Which is why you immediately go out, buy all the things and turn your house into a bouncy castle made of marshmallows and regret.

Bib/Poncho After Ruined Clothing

Rain or shine, the kid storms will eventually pour messes somewhere in your house. Whether caused by freak science experiments or slippery grips, these muck sessions can hit you right in the budget.

Accidentally Injuring Your Own Kid

THIS. THIS IS THE EPITOME OF HINDSIGHT LASERVISION. You’re playing happily and then OOPS. Some kids take it in stride, others think you’ve wounded them for life. Regardless, the damage in your heart has already been done. I think need a centuple feels-heart bypass surgery, please.

Getting There 30 Seconds Too Late


Now it’s your turn! Share the stuff you wished you’d known or done before becoming a parent! Childproofing something, changing a diaper before a blowout — anything you want.

Post your #2020Parenting moment on Twitter, Instagram or Vine using the hashtag #2020Parenting, and we’ll embed them here all week! Every time we add your story, we’ll tag you so you’ll be alerted. See below!


“I would buy fewer nightlights and borrow more stars. #2020Parenting” –Whit Honea


Most credit monitoring companies aren’t proactive about identity theft. They alert you after the damage has been done. That’s like wishing you’d closed the barn door before all the animals escaped. Imagine what it would be like to have someone alert right before a parenting fail? That’s what Lifelock does. With identity theft.

And they’ve authorized us (which is funny since he hate being authorities) to give our audience a 10% discount right now for their service. Just use the discount code “LifeLockSafety” and you sign up. Super easy.


Disclosure: This post is brought to you today by LifeLock, a leader in identity theft protection. This post is my own opinion and my crazytalk doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinions of Lifelock or its staff. In fact, I should lock down my own life a little bit more before spouting off at the mouth sometimes.Advertisement


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