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How to Be a Dad

What We See vs What He Sees

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What we see versus what he sees

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Even before he could walk, my youngest son loved “cleaning.” His first obsession toy was a hand vacuum. After he burned out the battery from sheer use, I began to wonder if this was a sign of a future calling. I’ll admit I tilted my head a little at this possibility.

However, somewhere deep down every parent knows it’s not a great idea to project too blindingly our own visions upon them, of what the grown-up them will be. Or way worse, force them to live out and fix our own broken dreams.

Sure, we might try to innocently tip the pinball machine a little here and there by suggesting certain things, like erecting billboards alongside their path to becoming the person they’ll be, exposing them to a certain kind of music or sport, lessons in something particular, you know what I’m talking about. But ultimately we know it’s their game we’re entering cheat codes into.

He’s got five years under his belt now, and he still plays with cleaning appliances and supplies like birthday presents, but watching him, I can see what he sees better now. It’s the way I saw things when I was a kid. The way we all did.

I don’t know which roads he’ll take speeding into his future. My job is simply to be there to make sure he’s buckled up, and maybe give him some extra gas money to reach the finish line of his dreams.


Dyson did sponsor this post, but it was a match made in Heaven. While isn’t really a review website, I will make the unpaid, obligation-free statement: my wife loves her Dyson so much, if people start getting cybernetic implants in the future, she’d probably hold out for Dyson-brand components. And when she first checked with me about the Dyson we now own, the DC65 Animal, she said it was for families with pets. I’d said, “With all due love and respect, my Darlin’, kids are just mostly-bald animals when it comes to filth.”

The new DC65
 cleans better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors.




6 Responses to “What We See vs What He Sees”

  1. Chris says:

    Umm,I see the racecar when I vacuum as well. Is that wrong?! I’m a giant child, aren’t I? Awesome picture, btw.

  2. Best pictures EVER!!! Great post. Well done Andy.

  3. While I don’t see a racecar, I do feel like the Cleaning King when I vacuum with my dyson. The only thing missing is a crown.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I would die without my Dyson. Kill me. Dead.

    I love it to pieces. I seriously tried to pitch Dyson directly two years ago to be their spokesperson. It is the best household investment I have ever made.

    So there you go.

    If any Dyson people read this, contact me because seriously, I love my Dyson more than Andy’s wife does. 😉

    Sweet graphics Andy!

  5. Larry says:

    This could certainly come in handy. He can have whatever vision he wants if that means he is cleaning my house!
    P.S. Love the pictures!

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