How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

What It’s Like Being a Parent: Part One


Want to know what it's like being a parent? It's sort of like this...

My non-parent friends often ask me what it’s like to have children. I usually answer with something sarcastic or sentimental. Or both, just to confuse them. Because screw them and their “free will.”

But I’ve decided it’s time I let them in on my life as a dad.

In this continuing series, I will journey around the internet to find examples of exactly what it’s like being a parent. Today, I want to show you a glimpse of my conversations with my five year-old son as reenacted by a classic scene from the movie “Uncle Buck.”

Note: John Candy is handling this like a pro. We, however, don’t always do the same.

Any questions? Go ahead and post your experience talking to your kids so we can discuss this for all who may be curious. And without kids of their own.

If you get asked what it’s like to be a parent, I suggest sharing this post to give them a peek into the parenting world. Or just dump a bag of angry badgers on them.


11 Responses to “What It’s Like Being a Parent: Part One”

  1. What is it like? Summed up for me in this conversation with my daughter.

    My 4-year-old comes stumbling into the kitchen from the bedroom this morning, puts her head on the table and starts telling me a rambling story between yawns: “And then I was running…YAWN…the ghost friends…hotel….and then we were….but daddy didn’t….and we YAWN got out of there ok.”

    I asked her when exactly this all happened, and she said, exasperatedly, “Daddy, it was A DREAM. I mean, do you think there is really such a thing as a hotel made out of CUPCAKES??”

  2. I am going to count the number of questions toddlers ask from now on. However, I don’t know if deadpanning a 3YO (not mine) is the best approach.

  3. Whitney says:

    What is it like being a parent?

    2 year old son: “I WANT CEREAAAAAAAL!!” .

    Me: “Here is your cereal.”

    2 year old son: “I DON’T WANT IIIIIT!”

    Being a parent is like trying to talk an angry rhino into sharing the watering hole. You’re most likely going to lose, and perhaps come out sans a limb or two.

    It is also extremely rewarding. It is like working three jobs without pay, but when he/she looks at you and grins and says: “I faaaarted!” then bursts into laughter…you realize it is totally worth it.

  4. Jess says:

    It’s like having tiny drunk unmedicated schizophrenic people living in your house who make almost all of your decisions for you. Primarily when you sleep and eat. It’s loads of fun.

  5. Ekey says:

    This is amazing. I am going to count the number of questions my daughter AND wife ask consecutively…

  6. Jason says:

    Here’s a video that perfectly communicates what it’s like being a dad:

  7. Holly Webster says:

    What parenting is like is dependent on kids’ and parents’ personalities and on what stage your children are going through. I just posted this on your FB page, but have so far found it to be the most relevant to being a “new” parent:

  8. My husband thinks that talking with just the kids is a lot like talking to stoned adult friends. Yep.

  9. I think Louis C.K. summed up perfectly what it’s like to be a parent with this quote: “You look at the face of your beautiful, lovely child and you think two things at the exact same time. I love this kid so much that it has changed my whole life, I love other people more because of how much I love her… she’s completely given value to life that didn’t exist before… and I regret every decision that lead to her birth!”

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