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How to Be a Dad

My Wife Just Said… #159

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“When they kissed in old movies, it looked like two people fell into each other’s faces and just stopped. And now it looks painful, like they’re trying to eat each other’s faces off.”



Every once in a while my wife and I will turn our heads slowly and exchange looks, in response to a kiss scene in a movie or show we’re watching. We’ll share a wide-eyed smile or a look of amused horror about a particularly absurd head-butting of the lips, or we’ll frown or raise our eyebrows at a display that looks more like two androids with different sexual orientations pressing their facial areas together.

We like to think that we’re fans and aficionados of a good playacted kiss rather than douchey judgmental critics. But you can judge that for that yourselves and criticize us as you will. This is, after all, the internet.

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4 Responses to “My Wife Just Said… #159”

  1. Erlyn says:

    Did you watch SNL this past weekend? Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone!!

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