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How to Be a Dad

LOLs: An Illustrated Guide


LOLs A Funny Illustrated Guide

Some of the poor misguided kids these days use acronyms so much it extends to regular speech. I’ve heard kids say “el oh el” or “lol” in response to a joke rather than laugh. Creepy.

Even if that kind of makes your skin crawl, a lot of us use the common laugh acronyms online and in messaging to avoid having to jackhammer the H and A keys on our computers or phones to spell out our chuckles, chortles and guffaws. When I thought about this I realized there’s a fairly obvious but unspoken pecking order to all the various LOLs, as seen in this Instructional Diagram.

Of course, everyone knows that none of these come with any good assurance that any noise really came out of anyone’s piehole. But since most of the internet is like space and no one can hear you laugh, we’ve all got varying methods of showing how much we “laughed,” or at least to say how funny we thought something was. Even if we didn’t make a peep. Or even crack a smile really.

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Instruction-al? Instruction-LOL!


6 Responses to “LOLs: An Illustrated Guide”

  1. tom says:

    lolololopolllololoooh jxdhj sjv njvvakgkrgtd


  2. tom says:

    saaaaah funnnaayyyyy

  3. Simon C says:

    no PMSL?

  4. Matt G says:

    With a lot of my friends, I end up using SALTS a lot.

    Smiled A Little, Then Stopped.

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