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My Wife Just Texted… #152

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My son comes from a long line of sub-par sleepers. Growing up, I had every sort of parasomnia you could imagine: sleepwalking, sleep-talking, night sweats, night terrors — the whole deal. I once peed in someone’s sink thinking it was a toilet. And it wasn’t college. I was 8-years-old.

Hopefully, Finn won’t have the same sleep troubles I have had. My dreams have always been tiring, and I wake up, usually, without memories of what happened. Just more exhausted. But the way I know I dream every night, so intensely, is when I’m interrupted. When I wake, it’s in the middle of an epic saga. Every time.

At first, Avara would caress my hair and comfort me back to sleep. But when you’ve been with someone for 14 years… “Go back to sleep, Charlie.” She picks her battles. But she can only dream about winning them.

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4 Responses to “My Wife Just Texted… #152”

  1. mattski says:

    I inherited insomnia from my dad, and have fought it for years. I did the sleep walking thing when I was a kid, all the way from peeing on the toilet seat lid (who ever puts those down?) to getting ready for school at 3am and waking up at the bus stop.

    Finally started to affect my family and my job this last year, so went to the doc, with all those ambien horror stories roiling around in my head. Co-worker was on it, and found out the next day that he had driven to a fast foot place in the middle of the night. Scary.

    So, the doc started me on a non-addictive sleep aid, very small dose, and I’ll tell you its freaking magic. No side effects, non-addictive, I can take it the rest of my life and not worry about my liver falling out, been around for a long time. Life is better, and it forced a constant dialog between me and my wife about when I need to go to bed in order to not be a complete jerk the next day.

  2. mktaj says:

    @mattski, if you don’t mind me asking, what is the sleep aid he prescribed? my husband is currently struggling with insomnia

    • mattski says:

      trazodone. its main use in (much) larger doses is for manic depressive disorder. I thnk I take the 50mg doses, and could probably do with a bit smaller, as if I don’t get a full 8hrs, I wake up a little drowsy. Bonus is that I can still get up in the middle of the night if I hear a noise, check it out, check the kids then go back to bed and fall back asleep.

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