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How to Be a Dad

Your Turn: Worst School Photos!

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None of us are immune. One day, it will happen for your kids. Or has happened to us. For some of us, that day will happen… many times. Over and over.


My son came home from school with an envelope this week and inside were his school portraits. Witness the magic:

Somehow, they gave him a spray tan and deleted his eyebrows. I just… I think the filter the photographer applied here is called “The SoCal Realtor” or something. It’s just so LA of them. I’m pale. I like my pale son, but I guess it’s the hip thing to do? Spray tans for toddlers? In my son’s honor, let me show you (one of) my horrible school photos:

Charlie as a young nerd. Chahlie bit me!

So, let’s do this. Send us the worst school photo of yourself or tweet it using #WorstSchoolPhoto. If you have one, give us a link to your website, too! It could be from prom, official school portraits — whatever you want.

We’ll be updating this post live throughout the day, so check back in for the awkward amazingness.



So, send us yours! Tweet us. Facebook us. Link us in the comments so we can put yours here!

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Instructional Diagrams
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8 Responses to “Your Turn: Worst School Photos!”

  1. This is like the end of an episode of Cold Case. As the camera slowly pans past the photos we hear Meatloaf singing “I would do anything for love…”

  2. JimMacQ says:

    I had no front teeth from age 2 to 9 (gravity is a harsh mistress), and my hair grew (grows) randomly in all directions, so mom used to just hack it all off.

  3. Brian says:

    Oh I wish I could find my worst one. I would break the internet it was so horrible and funny and ridiculous! This is fun and since I have one home with me sick today, we are now looking for our worst family pics. Maybe I will include one of those!

    • Ian Cook says:

      Things about this photo you may notice. First off, my acne at this time was terrible, though it is hard to tell in this photo. I was attempting to part my hair in the middle, but what happened was this mess. I have those hideous glasses because that’s all we could afford. There was some deal where we got two pairs of glasses and an exam for like $50. When I complain about those glasses, my mom always says that I picked them out. I did but the other glasses that I could chose from were even worse! Also, you may notice the Batman t-shirt. Such a nerd.

  4. Christina M says:

    3rd grade. My grandparents are German so I was wearing traditional German garb.

  5. These are awesome….sadly, my bad pictures from childhood are not digital and are located 3 hours away in northern Alabama. Come to think of it, maybe that’s not “sadly” at all.

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