How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Time flies… so fast.

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Time flies time-lapse baby video

Tempus fugit. It’s a Latin expression that means “time flies.”

I first heard this expression from my dad, who is Yale-graduate-level learned. I was a just a teen, so I had to either assume he’d freakishly sneezed or ask him what it meant. Tempus has been vigorously fugitting since I was a lad, so Googling wasn’t an option then, so since I didn’t see snot, I asked. I was fascinated that “time flies” was such a ridiculously ancient expression.

Then, when I became a dad myself, I discovered a new depth of understanding about the concept. I came to appreciate how, ironically, timeless this concept of the turbo-charged passage of time was. It all just goes so fast when you have kids. Sooooooooooo fast.

This sped-up “day in the life” style video brought all of these thoughts out of the past for me, like an inquisitive visiting relative pulling a dusty trunk down from a forgotten attic.

My thanks to Kenny Meehan for this wonderful video.


You can’t stop time. But you can try to to pay really really close attention, and maybe that can somehow make it seem slower. Sort of. Maybe. You can always video it though, right? At least we’ve got that as a middle finger to throw in Time’s relentlessly fugitting face.


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I turned my head for one week…
Something I wrote about my youngest growing up while time was flying.


6 Responses to “Time flies… so fast.”

  1. Andrew says:

    I blinked and my son turned four. I kinda do not want to blink again. But in the great words of Ferris Buller-If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

  2. Never thought about time before I became a Dad. Now it’s all I think about. Thanks Kenny for making the video. Years from now you’ll be happy to look back at this time. Cherish it.

  3. My Kids Mom says:

    I blinked and one turned ten and the other claims to be about to turn into a TEEN. But, as fast as it has gone so far, I really love what comes next at each stage. My kids are awesome companions and I can see the future adult in them. It won’t stop me from crying over their baby videos from long ago however. (And I hyperventilate when I think about what comes next so I try to not do it and just wait for it to come.)

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