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How to Be a Dad

What If ‘Full House’ Wasn’t Full?

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Did you watch “Full House” growing up? I did. Each character had their shining and whining moments, but the character that never made any sense to me was Michelle. Yes, I’m talking about the cutesy Olson twins who played the single character whose sole purpose was comic relief by way of small smiles and giant eyeballs.

But what if Michelle was a Fight-Club-esque figment of Danny Tanner’s imagination? What if he invented his daughter to cope with the loss of his wife?

The results will either chill you or relieve you, depending on your feeling about the Olsons… and perhaps your sociopathic nature.

So? Were you creeped out or sort of impressed?

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6 Responses to “What If ‘Full House’ Wasn’t Full?”

  1. Matt Diaz says:

    Made my morning… Thanks! For sure “sort of impressed.”

  2. Angela says:

    So THAT’S why he needed Joey an Jesse to move in, to keep an eye on him because he was delusional!

  3. Jeremy Pepper says:

    It’s like the Saved By The Bell Theories: that Zach is either a huge loser and the show is his coping mechanism where he’s the hero … or Zach’s in a coma after a school shooting/attack (which is why the characters from the first season disappear).

    I love creepy TV theories.

  4. Dana says:

    This reminds me of “Garfield minus Garfield.”

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