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How to Be a Dad

My Wife Just Said… #148

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“Turns out my 187th attempt to capture a cute “brothers” photo to send to @howtobeadad this morning is actually my favorite.” –Avara


Photographing children is pretty much the best, right? Yeah. It’s as easy as photographing Bigfoot playing with a hulu hoop made of angry badgers.

It’s truly amazing how much effort it takes to get them to look at or, dare I say, smile at a camera. Kids are basically human versions of bouncing pieces of atoms exploding from the sun. It’s hard to predict what will happen with a couple of brothers.

Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in getting the right photo that we misplace getting the real shot. This is the photo I would want on my desk and my wife captured it perfectly. She has an eye for these things.

Just not so much with husbands… 😉

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7 Responses to “My Wife Just Said… #148”

  1. Love it 🙂 To me, the best photos of my 2 year old Little Mister are the ones where his true character are shining through!

  2. Bonnie B. says:

    Wonderful picture!! And very adorable boys. My favorite pictures of my girls are those where they are caught laughing so hard at each other. SO much better than a posed smiling picture.

  3. Xpert Mom says:

    Dude this is perfect.

  4. Sarah Kolybaba says:

    We have never paid to have professional photos done of our kids to display on our walls. Everything in frames is something REAL, similar to this very shot!

  5. As a pro photographer let me assure you: just keep snapping away (I USED to say “shooting” until I heard myself, one day, tell my wife I was going over to the local middle school to “shoot some children” – haven’t used the verb in relation to photography since!).

    I used to do wedding, bat and bar mitzvahs. When I used film, I probably captured 150 images. When everything shifted to digital (where you can throw away the 1s and 0s of those images you don’t like), I started capturing 1,200 – 1,500.

    Keep snapping away: you’ll get it!

    Charlie Seymour Jr

  6. Christine Taylor says:

    Toooooo Cute!

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