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How to Be a Dad

Guess that Movie Line Love Note!

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Guess that Movie Line Love Note

Romantic movie quotes can make their way into our hearts, woven into the sweet nothings we whisper in each other’s ears – a passionate declaration, a tear-jerking promise, a sweet inside joke – an actor’s lines can become like mottos for our love.

Here are some of Cupid’s favorite movie quotes. How many of the movies these appeared in can you guess?


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. Such a deal.


6 Responses to “Guess that Movie Line Love Note!”

  1. I love this. Me & my husband are big movie line quoters. What a cute idea.

  2. Sleepless in Seattle says:

    I guessed them all. I guess that means I’m some kinda movie buff! I didn’t look at the answers. I just remember lines from movies, jingles, commercials, you name. My memory is pretty darn good AND that scares most mortals that I run into.

  3. Matt Diaz says:

    “I know.” That gave me a good chuckle. I only know three of these. Manhood still in tact(kinda).

  4. Laurie says:

    love this!

  5. I went 6 for 10. Could have done better. Ashamed I did not pick up on Empire Strikes Back… just wasn’t thinking along those lines. Will forgive myself in time. Awesome share… thanks!

  6. Joanna says:

    I only knew 4, I suck!

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