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My Wife Just Said… #146

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“I think Mother Nature was really pissed off the day she created cilantro, because that stuff tastes like s**t.” –Avara


I enjoy cilantro. My wife does not. These are the trials that test a marriage. You’re charged with keeping the details of your partner’s tastes, habits and desires in your head at all times. Or you may face certain death by 1,000 eye-rolls.

For the record, I have so many strange foibles and odd little quirks, that I don’t know how she keeps any of them straight.

Do you or your partners have these? Would love to hear if they’re weirder than my own…

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21 Responses to “My Wife Just Said… #146”

  1. Pete says:

    Does it taste like soap? Could be a genetic thing.

    Show her this…

    she isn’t alone!

  2. Laurie says:


  3. Isaias says:

    In my opinion … Cilantro is the best thing ever!! For real.. It’s good… Wih a lil like and onion.

  4. Jenn O says:

    I’ve actually given up cooking meals for my husband because of his “foibles,” as you call them. Just a few: he will not eat red sauce if it has meat in it (ex. Spaghetti sauce w/ ground beef, or lasagna); taco seasoning must be sifted to remove anything larger than ground spices, like dried onion; beef is to be paired only with cheese, no “rabbit food” in tacos, burritos or on burgers; no “swimmy things,” aka fish; no fruit that has skin except apples; peanut butter on sandwiches must be paired only with Welch’s grape jelly (absolutely no jam) and Nacho Cheese Doritos; the only yogurt he will eat is regular Orange Creme Yoplait on top of Nacho Cheese Doritos.

    Can’t wait to explain why Daddy doesn’t eat what we eat for meals to our little guy when he gets older…

  5. Jill C says:

    Apparently cilantro is one of those things that taste really bad to certain people. It’s genetic.

  6. Kelly says:

    Hah! My husband and I feel the same way as you guys about cilantro. Yuck!

  7. Christina says:

    My man won’t eat a sandwich if it’s cut on a diagonal. Same flipping sandwich- just cut wrong. Won’t change the taste… Seriously.

  8. Ellen says:

    No one really likes cilantro. You either hate it or tolerate it. THERE IS NOTHING TO LIKE ABOUT EATING SOAP.

    It’s genetic, you know…

  9. Katrina says:

    I won’t touch onions but I know they add flavor in some dishes. So sometimes I’ll use onions in things like pot roast where I can remove the chunks. Once on a blue moon though and I have to be in a really good mood and not pregnant. If I’m pregnant its a no go the mere smell is enough to send me to the bathroom puking my brains out.

  10. Jamie says:

    I HATE cilantro!!!! This is so funny to me:)

  11. Blasphemous Rumours says:

    My wife won’t eat lamb, root beer, or pickled beets and I love all three (there are many more, but only those three come to mind.) Then again, some of the weird things she likes I won’t touch with a 39 1/2′ pole – like pickled red cabbage, white chocolate (which is *not* real chocolate if you ask me), and braised chicken lips.

    The good thing is we have more in common tastes than not, including cilantro.

  12. Weird food quirks! H*&l yes! My (soon to be ex) husband has a few. Toast must be cut in half on a diagonal for dipping in chocolate milk with breakfast. However, toast in the form of a sandwich must be cut top to bottom for consumption.

    Oh, and hamburgers must be constructed in a particular order for maximum taste. I never really got that one right, but I think it’s bottom bun, mayonnaise, burger, cheese, onion, lettuce, tomato, and then a mixture of mayo, ketchup, mustard and relish on the top bun. Then, cut in half before serving.

  13. Hollie says:

    Some people are sort of allergic to cilantro, and those people experience the soap taste as a natural way to avoid eating what could be potentially harmful.

    I love cilantro. To me, it’s the best herb ever. But I have friends who are allergic to it. It’s a shame when I throw a party and serve home made guacamole – I put lots of cilantro in it. Haha.

  14. Christine Taylor says:

    Ok, So I Can’t Stand Uncooked Onions. My Husband Knows This And Makes Sure He NEVER gets Them On My Food. Not Weird Until I Tell You Why I Hate Them. They Squeak In My Teeth. It Gives Me Chills! My Husband’s Only Weird Thing Is He Hates To Be Startled. I Mean, Will Punch U In The Face, Hates It. So, When I Am Barefoot He Doesn’t Hear Me Walk And I Have To Announce Myself, Lol! Also, He Talks In His Sleep. This Wakes Me Out Of A Dead Sleep Cuz If He Is Fighting Someone In His Sleep, He Will Swing On Me! I Have To Wake Him Carefully But Quickly Before He Gets Angry And Without Startling Him! I Feel Like A Ninja When I Succeed! Lmbo!

  15. tinu56 says:

    My husband is pretty picky about what he’ll eat and how food is prepared (I made Top Ramen “wrong”, not once, but three times before my husband showed me how to do it “right”) I didn’t cook fish for the first 5 years of my marriage because when we were dating, my husband told me he hated seafood. Then, we were out to eat and he ordered a salmon steak, “because you never make it for me at home”. I was floored and asked him, “what the heck?? I thought you hated seafood!” It was then that he informed me that he didn’t consider fish to be seafood. He loves fish, he just hates everything else they pull out of the ocean. I went without fish for 5 YEARS because of a misunderstanding! We had to go back through my list of “what not to make for dinner” to be sure that there were no other misunderstandings.

  16. Antonia says:

    Cilantro is awesome! The question is… how does she feel about SALSA?! No salsa w/o cilantro! My husband hates tomatoes… loves him some salsa! Crazy!

  17. Sheila says:

    Mine is that. Chocolate tastes disgusting except one day before my time of month. If I buy chocolate and haven’t touched it in 3 weeks don’t eat it or you may die. After 15 years I have fixed all of my husbands ones. No foreign good now he loves all countries foods. No potatoes ever now he eats chips and potatoes in stews or roasted. Loads of others.
    It’s almost impossible for him to rember most of mine as some days I can’t eat some foods without getting sick but other days I can.

  18. neal says:

    My wife hates Cilantro, too. I’ve got no problem with it. It’s leafy and green like lettuce and grass, so, all good. It’s funny, though, because we’ve got a tradition of Cafe Rio Pork salads, and no matter how my wife tries to explain that she doesn’t want the cilantro on hers, she always, always finds it on her plate.

  19. Mimi says:

    I could probably eat a whole store-bunch of cilantro in one meal, given the option. I love that stuff!

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