How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Daddy Vader Says… Victory

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Daddy Vader Says… Victory

When you’re a kid, parents can be a little like Daddy Vader. Incredibly rad but at the same time intimidating in a way. Playing card games with him has to be a little more exciting than with anyone else. When he throws down, it’s a little more down than anyone else, right?

At least when you lose to him there’s an Imperial procession of radly armored troopers and an epic symphony blasting in the background.
Dah dah dah duhhh duh-dah duh-dahhh, DAH DAH DAH da-DAH duh-DAH-duh duh-duhhh…*

* Or however you type that. Look! I spent 10 minutes listening to it and doing my best to convert John Williams’ symphonic “phonetics” into text. Shut up. I know I’m a nerd, call me something else if you want to actually insult me.

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