How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Maximumble: Suns & Daughters

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“While my wife puts the baby to bed each night, I get to handle the bedtime routine with our 5-year-old. After story time we turn the lights out and talk. Mainly, we talk about the day. Things he did, stuff that was fun, what he learned. Then there’s a long pause.

This is when he will always spring the big questions on me.

‘Do girls have belly buttons?’ ‘How did Saturn get its rings?’ ‘What do they do with your body after you die?’ We were once an hour late getting to sleep when his question about night and day led to a dance around his room with props and flashlights to explain the relationship between the sun and the earth.

Some of my favorite memories of my son are from the conversations we have when he is supposed to be asleep.”

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3 Responses to “Maximumble: Suns & Daughters”

  1. Jo says:

    Some of my favorite times with my own children have been when they should have been sleeping, too. And have been started with an innocent question about life or death or something inbetween…..

  2. Christina says:

    My son once asked me a similar question. But he is much younger so it went more like this
    Chase: “Daddy has a sun?”
    Me: “yes you are Daddy’s son, and Wyatt is Daddy’s son. Daddy has two sons”
    Chase: “no Chase is a moon”

  3. @christina that is really cute, omg

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