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How to Be a Dad

“Doctor” : Convos With My 2-Year-Old

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Convos With My Two Year Old Doctor Video

Most physicians will say things like, “tell me if this hurts.” Kids will tell you when to say it hurts and when to say it doesn’t hurt. Whether it does or not in actuality. They know best when they’re trying to fix you. So, shush your face.

I think kids are generally sweet-natured, but throw a white coat on one of them and they can be instantly smug and commanding like the highest-paid doctor. If their medial bag happens to contain a plastic play set, get ready for invasive examinations and measuring. And even… bruise cutting?

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4 Responses to ““Doctor” : Convos With My 2-Year-Old”

  1. Jo says:

    Well yes, this makes total sense because I always make my doctor a snack after he slices my bruises open with a blade!?! O_o

  2. Lynann says:

    When my daughter was around four she once cut out my heart with a sword (she said she made my chest so I couldn’t feel anything) and put it in a jar to clean it.

  3. You are geniuses! I hope you get the fame and glory you deserve. BTW, I saw the “what if adults had tantrums” that you shared from buzzfeed, and I was disappointed that the actors weren’t my faves (hint).

  4. That first (and thus for only) time my 4 year old Raymond wanted to play doctor, he announced that I needed to be brave while he gave me a shot.

    Mommy: I’m being brave, that didn’t hurt at all.

    Raymond. I turn you into a baby!

    Mommy: (trying to catch on quick) Wahhhh! Wahhhh

    Raymond. I turn you into a little boy!

    Mommy: That shot didn’t hurt one bit.

    Ok, this whole “I turn you into a…” was new. The next day after he bolted into a toy store when we were suppose to be on the way home, I was hot on his trail:

    Mommy, with stern megaphone voice: Young man, halt. I am a police officer. You must exit the store immediately for your own safety.

    Raymond: I turn you into a little boy!

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