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Clouds – Scrabble Scribble #1 (a father and son collaboration)

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Scrabble Scribble Comic 1 Clouds father and son collaboration

I recently discovered some “urban art” my 4yo son made on the side of our house and posted a picture of the two graffitied characters. It sparked an idea.

My son's potato people urban art.I’d like to think it’s me and my son, except he doesn’t look too thrilled.

I’d always wanted to do a comic strip, so the idea of collaborating with my littlest son seemed perfect. Also, his drawings would evolve intriguingly as his style progressed and changed from potato people faces; to root vegetables with full sets of stick-figure limbs; to walk-like-an-Egyptian hieroglyphic characters; to full-blown, professional 3D figures with fire swords and capes and… okay, wherever he wants to go with it. Or not go with it.

So far I’ve only had to pay him for his art in toys and proud head scrubs (cheap labor). He did beam when he saw this first one finished, though; and he can’t even read yet. Maybe that’s a good thing.

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9 Responses to “Clouds – Scrabble Scribble #1 (a father and son collaboration)”

  1. Whitney says:

    I love this! It made me laugh so loud. This is going to be one of my new favorite comics, for sure.

    • Andy says:

      Made my day. Also? He’s not going to fully understand, but I’m going to tell my son that “Whitney really liked your drawings and what we made together.” I will try to capture a picture of his reaction and post it here. 🙂

      • Whitney says:

        That is fantastic! I have a 2 year old who just scribbles lines still. I can’t wait to see how his personality correlates with his future drawings.

  2. That is very cute, and I rarely say that about anything.

  3. (Oops, hit submit too soon)

    …and as the father of an almost 4-year-old son who is just beginning his “why?” phase, I appreciate it 10000%.

  4. Tawny says:

    Oh my gawd please continue with these collaborative comics.

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