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How to Be a Dad

Embrace Up

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I debated with myself about sharing this since its been around for so long and been seen by so many people. The fact that it’s sooooooo brilliant and that I lose my sh*t every time I see it changed my mind. It belongs here.

Also, recently a friend showed me a scar. It wasn’t on their body, but it was from a car accident.

We were talking and their voice got choked as he told me about a friend who’d been stolen away in a flash. We didn’t linger on it long, but that one crack in his voice was enough to show me the darkness of the shadow that passed across his heart.

The music. The expressions. The symbolism. The slow motion explosion. The everything.

When I was very young, I almost lost my dad to a car accident.

He was working late, as per usual, busting his ass for his family. He finally headed home. A drunk driver didn’t notice that the lights had changed. He tried to blow their minds out in a car, broadsiding my dad without slowing.

I don’t remember much of it. I remember the masked concern and grief on my mom’s face. I remember the absence. The things that were missing. Not seeing him. Not being allowed to see him. Being told he was getting better in the hospital.

As a dad now, I’ve always tried to teach my kids to buckle up, so they’re like me. I feel like I’m not waerinf some of my clothes if I’m not wearing my seat belt. I want to habituate them. Well before they’re old enough to slide behind the wheel.

You can lose everything in a moment. You can deliver scars that never go away to those that love you or someone else. In just one single moment. Embrace life. Ugh! Even the title of the video is dripping with brilliance like the drops of saltly sadness do from my eyes.

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6 Responses to “Embrace Up”

  1. Jade says:

    I tell my hubby this every time we are in a car. He’s a farmer and so as soon as he gets on to those gravel roads, I hear “click”. Sure, you’ve driven them a gazillion times, but this could be that one time something happens. It drives me crazy.

  2. Michelle says:

    I was in a minor car accident as a child. My mom was driving and I was not wearing a seat belt and seated in he front seat. I was 8. We were rear ended and my forehead hit the windshield. From that day foreward, my dad would “race” me to see who could get their seat belt on the fastest to make it a game and make it fun. Totally worked.

  3. Cheryl says:

    In my family we always wore seatbelts. It was a given, no need to think about it, the seatbelts just go on automatically. When I was a new driver, I was transporting a friend and some of her friends. Not one of them made a move to put their seatbelts on. I said my car doesn’t start unless you all have your seatbelts on. The look of shock on their faces when they thought my car could do that was hilarious. I confessed that, no, that was not actually a feature of my car, but they needed to wear their seatbelts if I was going to drive them anywhere.

  4. Nickol says:

    My mother never wore hers nor required this, then I moved in with my father who ingrained the habit in me. He told me that it was every other driver on the road that was an unknown variable, and to not only be aware but to be ready to react. Because of his advice I always buckle my seat belt out of habit and have ingrained this in my children.

  5. Jo says:

    A seat belt won’t always save you (my son was killed instantly from impact in a car accident WEARING his seat belt) BUT 90% of the time it will. Had my son not been wearing his seat belt, he would have most likely been thrown into my daughter and they both would have likely been killed. So instead of losing one child, I would have lost both. We always wear our seat belts…

  6. Roony says:

    It is better to wear a seat belt in new cars, because they have mechanisms especially made and designed for seat belts.

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