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How to Be a Dad

My Kid Just Wished… #33

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“When I grow up, I don’t want to grow up.”
(2013, 4 years old)

birthdaycakelucasWishing on your birthday cake to never grow up probably breaks some Wish Law but I’m good with that if that’s the worst law he ever breaks.

It started with him standing on a step stool. He had as much chance of reaching a star as the branch he was trying to touch. He looked so bummed.

Encouraging him, I told him he’d be tall enough to reach it without a step stool when he grew up. After a long pause he said he didn’t want to grow up when he grew up. I burst out laughing and then turned it into some mutant strangled sound when he leveled a disapproving look at my amusement. I went on to explain that he’d get bigger and be able to build things and drive cars and run faster and reach branches.

He looked back at the branch, like he was considering what I was saying as if it was a deal I was pitching, and he shook his head no. He wasn’t buying what I was selling. He still didn’t want to grow up and repeated it firmly.

I leaned forward with delight and a glint in my eye that I hope wasn’t too insane, and whispered shouted, “You don’t have to grow up!” like I was sharing a secret I could be incriminated for telling.

He thought, and then dismissed the conversation with, “I jus need a biggah wadder.”

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  1. Jo says:

    Smart lad! I intend to never grow up as well… I made such a comment last night at a school basketball game… Someone said, “Don’t worry Jo, no one would ever accuse you of being a grown up!” LOL I think he meant it as an insult… I took it as a compliment and said, “Thank You!”

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