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How to Be a Dad

First Time Fireworked

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I think people love fireworks because they paint the sky with the very same emotional reaction we have when we see the people we love.

This Vine represents, I believe, the first time Finn saw fireworks. You might notice the change in his face from the moment before to the moment after. It’s sort of transformative.

Do you like fireworks? I haven’t met a person who outright hated them yet. Unless they were a dog or cat.

Also, did you notice Mark Howerton of Rage Against the Minivan fame in the background? He looks pretty awe-inspired too.

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4 Responses to “First Time Fireworked”


    Mark, I mean. I guess your kid is cute, too.

  2. Jo says:

    Adorbs! How do you ever get anything done with him around? Don’t you just wanna kiss those cute little cheeks all the time?!?!

  3. With my twin 3yos: first time fireworks. Elias stood upright, open-mouthed, hands lifted up as if he thought he would grab them but then just kept standing with hands almost frozen up high.

    Raymond howling with hands over his ears “It’s too loud I want to go home.”

    It was too loud (West Newton, MA). Even my ears were hurting and I’ve already lost half my hair cells. I figured he’d get used to it, so despite the beauty of the sky, after 10 minutes of wailing we packed up and ran for cover, our heads down with machine gun blasts on our heals…

  4. Jess says:

    We had good intensions to take my 2 year old to his very first firework viewing but we were non-stop GO! GO! GO! all day long and by the time the sky got dark enough we were all pooped and passed out. Oops….I guess you would call that one a parent fail.

    At least there’s always next year right?!?

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