How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Magic Leg-Os

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Magic Legs, a boy's artifical legs as he grows up

Unforeseen things happen in life.

Sometimes something different from everyone else’s life. It can happen at birth, or in a traumatic moment. Like a little action figure played with, a limb is lost. Maybe not so much like that, but it can happen however it does. It’s life. And life happens all the time.

The best part is that it goes on. It’s different, sure, but life beautifully flows like water around the stones of experience and circumstance. It’s powerful and amazing and even alters stone in its rush forward.

Another thing about living is that being young and playful is sort of like being the most alive. So, just as you may encounter a gray-haired person with eyes as gray from the weight of life’s experience, you may also see a child’s spark in the eyes of someone the exact same age. And maybe they’ve got a brightly-colored fake limb. Maybe it’s made of LEGOs.

I think its a good idea to stay young, no matter how many years or limbs you have in your life.

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    How awesome would it be to have a limb made out of Legos?!? Way too cool!!

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