How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

The Magic and Mystery of #VineDad

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Following the clean-out of all the porn on the Vine app, there has been a surge in original content. It’s been pretty cool to watch celebrities and newcomers make entertaining 6-second videos. They’ve become a new brand of six-second stars.

We have our own Vine profile now and while we haven’t really settled into a specific style, we’ve been experimenting a lot. You should follow us just to see how much we fail.

But we aren’t so self-centered that we would only write a post about ourselves. Actually, yes we would. But that’s not the point. We wanted to show you some cool dads who are doing fun stuff on Vine.

1. HowToBeADad

Of course we wanted to show your our dumb videos first. More importantly, tell us what you want to see so we can make videos about it!


That last Vine video stars Whit Honea, Catherine Connors and Jack Murgnighan. It’s the very embodiment of dad blogging.

2. John Daugherty

This dude is completely and insane. He fits right in with us.



3. Johnny Brookbank

Homeboy parties like a dad for six seconds a video.



So, drop some videos on the Vine app with the #DadVine hashtag. Let’s trend that sucker. Also, if you want to… go ahead and follow us.

Follow us on Facebook. It’s not like Vine or Harry Potter newspapers at all.


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  1. i will start using this tag!

  2. Jo says:

    No can do bro… don’t have it for android yet, FAIL!

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