How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Daddy Vader Says… You Win at Losing

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Daddy Vader Says now your failure is complete go fish

Parents can candy-coat it when they’re kicking their kid’s miniature butt in a game, to make them feel better and offer an emotional trophy for trying.

Buck up, little champ, straight A’s for effort! You lost the battle but not the war! It’s always darkest before the dawn!

Pffft! Kids know when they’re being vanquished. They’re surprisingly perceptive for people who occasionally don’t seem aware that they’re pissing themselves.

So, maybe it’s best to just give it to them straight. Between the eyes. Like Daddy Vader.



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11 Responses to “Daddy Vader Says… You Win at Losing”

  1. Aaron says:

    Not only that, losing also helps them learn about the reality of life and not always getting what you want. If we let our kids win all the time, they don’t have to deal with the frustration of losing and come to expect that they’ll always get what’s pleasing to them. Losing builds character and helps kids understand how to interact with others.

    • Andy says:

      Sometimes a kid needs a few zaps to the crotch when metaphorically practicing the Force with a lightsaber on the Millennium Falcon of life.

  2. Shannon says:

    I’m not sure that I AGREE completely with the Dark Lord, but I can see his point and somewhat agree. We need to teach by example, so teaching a child how to be a gracious and encouraging winner sets a standard for his/her future behavior on the playground.

    • Andy says:

      Totally cool, he’s pretty unemotional about criticism. But at the same time he’s also pretty unemotional about Force choking his critics, come to think of it. You’re safe though. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for ringing in.

  3. Micah says:

    wonder what Daddy Vader would have said about participation ribbons?

  4. Jo says:

    It’s a sad but true fact, YOU.WILL.NOT.ALWAYS.WIN. a lesson better learned sooner than later! Not that we have to be mean about it, but it must be done!

  5. wayne says:

    I’ve always considered that knowing it is a “game” is important. The lessons here can be sportsmanship, accepting loss graciously, learning how to play it better, knowing some people are better at some things than you are, and of course the opposite and sportsmanship as it applies to a winner. Playing games with your kids provides an amazing opportunity to share and grow.

  6. wayne says:

    oh…almost forgot. Learning how to plot revenge.

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