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“The Cookie” Episode 3: Convos With My 2 Year Old

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We all know the book “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” is actually based on voracious, unyielding children. Infinite cookies is always the goal.

Here’s the third episode in the wildfire viral series Convos With My 2 Year Old. It’s cookie addict approved. Make sure you watch until the END.

Enjoy your brains out!

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4 Responses to ““The Cookie” Episode 3: Convos With My 2 Year Old”

  1. Laurie says:

    Seriously love these videos!

  2. Mimi says:

    I just watched this is full view of my 3-year-old son, and he just said, “Our cookies are ALL GONE! That’s why we need to buy more cookies.”

    I love these videos!

  3. Jo says:

    This has happened in my house before sooo many times, only it’s my husband and me in the scenario, not my kids…is that wrong? Something is very wrong with this picture, I think…someone hold me?

  4. Drew says:

    I really just need to subscribe to their channel already. Thanks for the heads up on this, I hope they keep these going. Second one was a little creepy but this one was fun.

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