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Story Time: Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects

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The BEST gift book for Father's Day! Dad's Book of Awesome Projects!

We have been talking about books so much lately that we finally realized: there are an insane amount of great books out there! Not the boring, frumpy kind of books. THE BUTT-KICKING AWESOME KIND! So, we decided to start sharing them with you.

Today’s book is by a gentleman who deserves both praise and a gentle butt-patting.

Mike Adamick

Meet Mike Adamick. Writer, father and triathlete, Mike has a knack for being an übermegagenius and getting people to agree with that title. An at-home dad who writes for the San Francisco Chronicle, KQED radio and a column on, Mike has also appeared on MSBNC, NPR and a ton of other outlets. The dude obviously needs more hobbies.

Well, in his infinite wisdom, Mike wrote THE book of crafts for dads for the year 2013 and beyond. Crafts for dads, you say? Damn right. Let’s party.

Dads need to take playtime to the next level and these projects do just that. This is the perfect gift for Father’s Day, you know, besides our book.

I’m not particularly crafty but I have been known to follow directions every once in a while. Adamick lays out projects like:

    -Afternoon Crafts
    -Weekend Projects
    -School Break Projects

I mean where else will you find how-to’s on creating a flying shirt with wings, making your own bows and arrows or making comic book shoes? This book has it all. Dads aren’t the dumb nincompoops we’ve been made out to be. This manual puts dads back in the driver’s seat.


BUT WAIT, IT GETS EVEN COOLER! We’re doing a live interview with the author using “The Google” right here on the blog with giveaways! And you know how we do with interviews. We don’t believe in normal questions so anything goes.

Live Chat with Mike Adamick!

Google Hangout with author Mike Adamick about Dad's Book of Awesome Projects

When: Friday, May 17th, 2013 at 10am-11am PST / 1-2pm EST
Where: Right here, dudes! Come back to this post!
How: To participate, just do whatever we tell you when we tell you on Friday. If you’re on Google plus, go here!
PRIZES: It’s a surprise!

Got questions for Mike? Post them here in the comments. We may read them with credit to you, of course, during the live chat!

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9 Responses to “Story Time: Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects”

  1. Mike says:

    I am incredibly grateful and also incredibly frightened of your questions. This is going to rock!

    Seriously, thank you! Can’t wait.

  2. Anne Lehnick says:

    I don’t even know how I stumbled upon this, but I WANT this book. I need this for my husband for Father’s Day. Already have it in the cart on

  3. […] friend Charlie from How to Be a Dad is hosting a Google Hangout Friday morning at 10 a.m. PST to talk about Dads Book of Awesome […]

  4. Emily says:

    Hi Mike, have any projects gone awry in the middle of creation and been salvaged?

  5. Kyle says:

    It’s on my Amazon wish-list for the wife to see in time for father’s day… STOKED! I love the idea of the stilts being made as adjustable heights… Never thought of that aspect!

  6. Claudia says:

    I want to know if there is a list of items to ‘pre-buy/cut/mangle’ to gift along with this book to make less work for the dad and more time for fun!

  7. Anita Utami says:

    How do you cope with the lack of sleep? I mean, kids don’t know the meaning of the word “sleep”, do they?

  8. Anne Lehnick says:

    What’s the youngest child age the projects are useful for? I’m contemplating getting a copy for a family member having his first son in August, but I don’t want to get him something that he can’t use for a few years.

  9. Mike says:

    Thanks so much to Charlie for hosting! And thanks for the questions!

    Coping with lack of sleep? Coffee and illegal drugs. Kidding. Just the drugs.

    Youngest age for projects? There’s playdough, goop, ice cream — kitchen sink stuff any toddler can get behind. A DIY jackson pollock is all about paint flinging. As long as the kid is old enough not to eat paint, go for it. And even if not, you might try if you’re in a pinch at dinner time….

    Sadly, no, very little comes pre-cut or pre-made. I’m a big believer in making stuff and letting kids figure out how to make stuff. Lots of pre-cut kids drive me crazy because it’s about simple assembly, rather than tearing your hair out and crying. Like all good crafts should be. (Yes, I encounter these moments and they are not fun.)

    Thanks again for participating!

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