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The Great Time Travel Portrait Giveaway!

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The Great Time Travel Portrait Giveaway & Twitter Party

Today, you can enter for a chance to time travel, friends. And we’re giving away

$2000 in prizes!

We’re teaming up with Clorox for their 100th birthday with a crazyinsane Twitter party (see below) and also offering you a chance to step into a digital Delorean so you can see yourself in a picture photoshopped of you or someone special to you, in the time period of your choice!

This is one of the most unique giveaways in the entire history of all time ever.

Entries Have Closed for the Contest!

Good luck and see you at the Twitter Party tomorrow (5pm PST) for the winner announcement and portrait reveal!


You pick the period of time you’d like your portrait to time travel back to! If you win? Buckle up, buttercup! Where we’re going, we won’t need roads.

Sample Time Travel Portraits

Sample Digital Time Travel Portraits

The winner of the Great Time Travel Portrait giveaway here will be announced AND their photoshopped picture will be unveiled during the #Clorox100 Twitter Party!

Your Formal Twitter Party Invite

When: Friday, May 3rd, 2013 at 5-6pm PST / 8-9pm EST
Where: Follow the hashtag #Clorox100 on Twitter
How: To participate, use the party tag during the hour. Make sure you follow us (@howtobeadad) and Resourceful Mommy (@ResourcefulMom), as well as @Clorox.

$2000 PRIZES:

We will be giving away, by decade (with inflation, of course):
1913 – 2 x $20 cards
1920s – 2 x $40 cards
1930s – 2 x $60 cards
1940s – 2 x $80 cards
1950s – 2 x $100 cards
1960s – 2 x $125 cards
1970s – 2 x $150 cards
1980s – 2 x $175 cards
1990s – One $200 winner
2000 to now – One $300 winner


149 Responses to “The Great Time Travel Portrait Giveaway!”

  1. Sarah says:

    I would love to win this. I’d want the 1920’s portrait. My twitter handle is @sarequarles.

  2. Brent says:

    Cool! And I wouldn’t even have to go to Six Flags! 🙂

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  4. his looks so cool! I would want a regency era portrait!

  5. Darcy says:

    I can’t wait! I’d love one! @denverfashions

  6. Trey says:

    I’d like my portrait done in the 1500’s, back when short people were respected and feared. @daddymojo will be there.

  7. Scott says:

    I would love to have a portrait as a roman soldier or as a wwI fighter pilot. Dont have a twitter account currently, hope that doesnt matter

  8. Monica says:

    I think it would be great to have a pic in the 1920’s. That would be sweet. I don’t have twitter but I would start one if needed. 🙂

  9. Ande says:

    Are cave drawings a possibility?

  10. Krissy P says:

    I’m all about the 20s…. Can’t wait to party @CocoaCali

  11. Monica says:

    I just started a Twitter account for you guys. I love this website and this Giveaway is freaking Awesome!

  12. Jocelyn says:

    @playingitcooley 1960’s!

  13. Jen says:

    I leave the time period up to you guys.

  14. Rona says:

    the 1950’s @berrymorin

  15. Mary Cummings says:

    @swtthing3 1860

    See you there.

  16. Cheryl Christian says:

    1880 time era would be fun @PlumSage

  17. Elyse Ainsworth says:

    How awesome! I’d love to be in the 1940s!

  18. Jen says:

    This is such a funny giveaway. I honestly am not sure what time period….maybe 1920s I guess? Thanks!

  19. Jen says:

    Darn, forgot to leave my twitter name: jlaubond

  20. Naomi says:

    @superdumb 1930s

  21. Stephanie says:

    I don’t have twitter :/ a 1050s or older pic would be awesome!

  22. Tim Skimming says:

    I would want to be a pirate!

  23. Anne-Marie says:

    It is in my calendar. Because you guys are hilarious! @DoNotFaint

  24. Penny says:

    I don’t do Twitter, but I’d be game for the portrait bit. Any kind of “casual”, i.e. out for a walk, or in the garden type of portrait of a lady with an impressionistic flair from the turn of the century would fly. (Late Victorian, early Edwardian).

  25. Christine W says:

    and 1920’s would be cool!

  26. Chandrea H says:

    sounds like fun. @moniqueharve

  27. Alberto Vazquez says:

    Looking forward to seeing more of these portraits. Wish I could pay to have it done & not have to worry about winning.

  28. Jo says:

    I’d be rockin’ the 1920’s era, yo.

  29. memugking says:

    my new favorite place to get a laugh! May 3 is my birthday, too!

  30. April says:

    I would love a 1920’s one. RSVP @grape_ape_03

  31. @banina9 says:

    LOL I love this!! I’d want a 1960’s 🙂

  32. mamotts says:

    the 20’s for sure mom4everandever

  33. Kimberly Snyder says:



  34. @lorikeet8 says:

    1980s…because who doesn’t love the 80s!

  35. sara haaf says:

    @vloky on twitter 1920’s flapperiffic

  36. amanda says:

    I like the 1920s!

  37. Christina says:

    @DeftonesGirly81 I’d love a portrait from the 1930s!

  38. Tali McPike says:

    Given that I studied the Anglo-Irish War (circa 1916) and 19th Century dance in college, either one of those would be my preference. Twitter handle is @naptimeblogger

  39. Daniela Tapia says:

    I Think I would love to see myself in a portrait from the 1930’s lol @danitapia88

    thanks for the party and looking forward to all the fun.

  40. Megan says:

    the 1930s

  41. Katie E says:

    The 1920’s I think! @euregirlsandboy

  42. Kay M. says:

    @klcmaher – I would choose the French Renaissance period. The womens fashions were amazing!

  43. Kevin E says:

    I would like a 1930’s gangster look

  44. @mcalbreeze says:

    RSVP I would like the 1840s

  45. Amanda F says:

    I would like the 1920s!. My twitter is @pircy23

  46. This is so awesome! I also can’t wait for the party!

  47. I would love to have a pic of me in the 1920’s @nicbran74 or @nicbran74Jail

  48. @abbebrown says:

    I’d love a 40’s portrait of me-so glamorous!

  49. I would love t have a pic of me in the 1920’s 😀 @mommaof4girlies

  50. Leslie W says:

    @mosquints I would pick 1940’s

  51. Antia Utami says:

    I would like the 1940’s


  52. @n210ss or @n210ss_jail says:

    The time period I would pick would be from the Roaring 20’s!

    @n210ss or @n210ss_jail

    Can’t wait for another fun party!

  53. Toni B says:

    RSVP @rychepet or @rychepet_jail

  54. Yadira J says:

    RSVP @lucasjmom I’d love to be in the 20’s

  55. Erica says:


  56. Kristina Wilson says:

    RSVP @kwilson887

    1690s looks awesome!

  57. Donna W. says:

    RSVP @disneymom917

    I would like to be from the late 1800’s

  58. This is so neat !! Definitely the 1970’s disco baby! See you there @DeLovely_M0MMa

  59. RSVP for the Twitter party! @matthewsmommy

  60. Gerrie S says:

    I would love to have one of these from 1900
    See you at the party!

  61. Carol Yemola says:

    RSVP @CarolYemola OR @CarolYemola2
    I would love the time period in the 1950’s! That is my birth decade!

  62. Ashleigh says:

    This looks so awesome! I would want 1913!
    @SPN_Mom will be there! 🙂

  63. Christy McMahon says:

    I would want a picture from the 1520’s!

  64. Yolanda Flores says:

    This sounds like fun!

  65. Yolanda Flores says:

    I would like the 1930s look — @yolirealtor

  66. @melinda74 says:

    @Melinda74 the 1920’s

  67. @jenblizzard542 or @jenniemoye
    Not sure which era I would choose, a western style maybe the 20’s

  68. Blanca says:

    RSVP @libelula_latina I’d love to win a portrait with my picture on the 1910’s!

  69. Harriett Daniel says:

    1940’s or 1950’s (@MrsHarriett)

  70. @cammi1972 says:

    OMgosh!! How fun is this??!!! Will be there!! @cammi1972 The 80’s because I rocked it before!! 🙂

  71. Robin O says:

    RSVP for Twitter Party!
    I would love to have a portrait from the 1890s!

  72. I would love to see myself circa 1920’s…beautiful time!


  73. I think I’d choose late 1800’s as a Native American/First Nations

  74. memugking says:

    put me in the 1700s or 1500s

  75. Athena C says:

    @RedQueen729 1920’s

  76. Suzanne Lewis says:

    RSVP @sll1038, and I’d choose 1920’s.

  77. @RambleSAHM says:

    @RambleSAHM or @RambleSAHM2

    I say the 1950’s!

  78. @Stacey5656 says:

    How awesome! I would say 1920’s!!

  79. LaceyL @ASDsupportNC says:

    I would like one from the 1930s

  80. @jennyandbeast says:

    I’d love to see myself as a pinup girl of the 1940’s or 1950’s! Such a fun era!

  81. CINDY C says:

    @bobisyellow — the 70’s

  82. Gigi says:

    I’d love to see what I would have looked like in the 30’s or 40’s.

  83. @icysupreme says:

    rsvp @icysupreme!!! The 1940’s!!

  84. @finnNtonic Or @finnNtonicJail says:

    I would do the 1920’s! How much fun!!

  85. @mommy3sons says:

    I would like the 1920’s @mommy3sons rsvp

  86. Keya says:

    @kpswagger I would love a pic from the 1700s!

  87. I like the 1690s one. @AlissaEnders

  88. Diane says:

    1920’s would be awesome. @savingsmania

  89. @sunrae17 says:

    I want the 1930’s

  90. Catherine says:

    Fantastic idea, how can we do this on our own also? Is there an app for that?

  91. Ashley Ritchie says:

    @shessuchacharmr on twitter. A 1940’s portrait in the style of Gil Elvgren’s pin ups would be awesome!

  92. Katie says:

    So cool! I’d definitely go for the early 1900s or earlier. Fun idea!

  93. Tegan says:

    Awesome. 1880s. or 1900. So many fantastic decades to choose from! @teganbaiocchi

  94. Jason says:

    Would be awesome to see an old school Roman period portrait!

  95. Jen says:

    neat!! 1960’s or 1920!

  96. Oh how cool I would love the 1920’s so cool……

  97. Ilya says:

    This is slick. I’m having trouble deciding….part of me would dig the whole Russian Imperial look or maybe something Mad Men style…tough decisions!

  98. Mother Duck says:

    1940’s! Great Idea!

  99. Veronica Lamb says:

    It’s SO hard to choose a time period! I think I’ll go with post-Edwardian like “Downton Abbey”. @__Velouria__

  100. Dawnyel says:

    @camjrcole I would want my photo from the 1920’s.

  101. Cindy C. @cangoninny says:

    RSVP @cangoninny
    I would love the 1930’s

  102. stephen radford says:

    I think it would be cool to have either the 1800 or the 1500 s

  103. Betty Baez says:

    @angelgenius27 medieval ages (around the 1400’s) or 1800s that would be soo cool!

  104. @nicholemckinnon says:

    present @nicholemckinnon

  105. Kysbel S says:

    I’m @k_rg22

    I’d want my portrait to be in the 1890’s I’ve never seen anything like this for a giveaway! awesome 😛

  106. @beaniewienies1 or @beaniewienies2 says:

    rsvp @beaniewienies1 or beaniewienies2 1800

  107. @boogie0411 says:

    rsvp @boogie0411

  108. @beaniewienies1 or @beaniewienies2 says:

    rsvp @beaniewienies1 or beaniewienies2

  109. @love2lovemykids says:

    It seems like I’m too late for the portrait, but the chat sounds fun.
    rsvp @love2lovemykids

  110. this is a unique party! I’d love the 1970’s

  111. Rebecca Graham says:

    RSVP @rhoneygee

  112. @jsg1818 says:

    RSVP: @jsg1818

    Awesome party theme! Going to be so much fun!
    Following everyone!!!

  113. Neiddy says:

    RSVP @neiddy_ruiz
    See you at the party!

  114. Jeanette E. says:

    RSVP @JeanetteElb or @JeanetteElbjail

  115. Eyad says:


  116. Stephanie Bodine says:

    Rsvp @bodinesteph for awesome party tonight!

  117. Cassandra says:


    I would love a photo of me from the Victorian or Renaissance era.

  118. Lisa says:

    @neutkidz the 1950’s sound like fun!!!
    RSVP for the party

  119. Phylicia Phillips says:

    Rsvp @phyliciasp

  120. RSVP @msmary1962

    Can’t wait I have had Clorox in my life my whole 50 years

  121. Missy McCullough Cawthorne says:

    RSVP @mhappynow
    I would love to see me in a photo from the 1930’s What an Awesome Photo! FUN!

  122. RSVP @mcgraw14me Can’t wait!! Love your parties and love Clorox!! Yay!!

  123. carma says:

    sorry i missed this awesome giveaway – but looking forward to the twitter party @CarmaSez

  124. RSVP @ChaoticKarma23 … Can’t wait!! 🙂

  125. Kimberlie says:

    RSVP me! @JLJMommy

  126. nol says:

    rsvp @nolberctn

  127. Martina says:

    Rsvp @martiferg

  128. Heather Panjon says:

    Rsvp: @reinaheather2

  129. brittany says:

    rsvp @modernisticmom

  130. SheilaRose says:

    RSVP @serenelovelife for the 1690’s

  131. Rhonda P says:

    RSVP @RhondaP3

  132. ashley says:

    rsvp @ashleycapra

  133. Linda J says:

    RSVP @Countrypoohbear

  134. Eliza Ferree says:

    I would have loved to have visited the 1920s

  135. Jennifer Lemke says:

    Congrats to The Clorox Company on 100 years. @LipsAreMoving

  136. Christina Z says:

    I would like to RSVP for tonights party @chrissiemz

  137. @banina9 says:

    Would love to be the 1970’s how cute! RSVP @banina9

  138. @mjorie says:

    RSVP @mjorie

  139. @nicholemckinnon says:

    Love the present

    RSVP @nicholemckinnon

  140. @rainynitz says:

    RSVP @rainynitz

    Great way to start the weekend!

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