How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

7 Abnormal “Uses” for PEEPS


Since we’re both ninjas, and we know lots of secrets, we figure it’s time to let you in on the undercover and atypical applications for the ever-popular, marshmallowy PEEPS of Easter fame.

This video is a great primer for some of the common ways you might already be familiar with…

But let’s dive deeper, shall we? Into of the depths of PEEP-dom. Grab your snorkels!

We’ve prepared a some examples of abnormal (NOT FOR AMATEURS) uses for PEEPS, the marshmallowy mascot of both fun and Easter. Peeps are practically the Legos of the sweets industry, so how could this go wrong? Well, we’ll show you.

7 Abnormal Uses for PEEPS Funny Picture

You’re welcome. And happy Easter!


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Disclosure/Disclaimer Thing: This is a sponsored post for PEEPS, the marshmallow magic company. This post is our own opinion and our crazytalk doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinions of PEEPS, its staff or any other sugary creature. But they were obviously smart enough to hire us. So, WIN!


14 Responses to “7 Abnormal “Uses” for PEEPS”

  1. Lucy says:

    I had no idea these things existed. Man, we are so deprived here in Scotland… Somebody post us a packet, please?
    I think my husband could use them as ear plugs…

    • Hannah says:

      I’ll send you some! We have bunnies, eggs and chicks for Easter in every possible color. We also have hearts for Valentines, ghosts and pumpkins for Halloween and trees and gingerbread men for Christmas. America is an awesome place!

      • Lucy says:

        LOL, yes, we also have Bunnies, eggs, chicks, hearts, and I am pretty sure our celebration of Samhuinn is one of the many influences on the modern Halloween…
        However, the kind of sweeties you lot eat seem so colourful! Took me years before I tasted a Twinkie… Here we have Irn Bru, and toffees in all flavours… also a thing called ‘tablet’, usually homemade, which causes dentists to shudder… None of which can be sculpted into the awesomeness that appears too be ‘Peeps’.
        Peeps here is a slang term for ‘people’, as in, ‘What’s up peeps?’

    • Andy says:

      Now I want to shape haggis into the shape of an egg and color it. In a good way. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Lucy says:

        *Shudders*… Traditionally, it comes in a selection of brown shades, not unlike the various shades of matter found in, say, a toddler’s diaper…

  2. Tiffini C. says:

    In high school, we Peep Bombed each others cars. Of course, they would strip the paint off if it was too hot, too humid, or if it rained, so it’s really a bad idea unless someone has crappy paint already (we all had shitty cars). Even then, having little Peep ass shapes of bare metal (and eventually rust) might piss a few folks off. Be warned.

    • Manda says:

      Just an FYI, Oreo cream will have the same effect. We twisted Oreoes open and made a heart shape with them on the hood of our minister’s car for his wedding. They didn’t get washed off until the next day, and yeah…….that heart ended up being permanent.

      Good thing he was our youth minister, and had a great sense of humor!

  3. I never realized Peeps could be used to childproof one’s home …

  4. We put them in lattes here…

  5. Rebecca says:

    yep peeps to child proof the home and you don’t even have to think about snack time later!

  6. Laurie says:

    My god, I KNEW there had to be something to do with those things! Sweet!

    • Andy says:

      Let your imagination run wild. But not “Mardi Gras wild,” that only ever ends in regret and pictures you can never take off the internet what the heck am I saying and someone please make me stop!!!

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