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Who Is Richard Bushman REALLY? (Dramatic Reveal Part 2-4)

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Who is Richard Bushman

Who is Richard Bushman Really April Fool's Reveal

We know this is just a tormenting tease. But we really just can’t help ourselves.

Recap from Part 1:

Richard Bushman, our first guest-poster, is not actually Richard Bushman. This news won’t be surprising to those that thought “Dick Bushman” was just a little too porn-star a name to be real. Which it isn’t. The realness or the career in adult entertainment.

This is the first reveal; the first flap hath been flipped! Two more to go!

On Monday, our 2nd Anniversary, the second AND final flaps shall be flipped!

Read Richard’s Two Guest-posts
An Evite for sex? Why you’re not getting any? C’mon. What’s not to love?

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4 Responses to “Who Is Richard Bushman REALLY? (Dramatic Reveal Part 2-4)”

  1. Karpe says:

    I couldn’t bring myself to suggest it yesterday, but this seals it. He’s Howard Sturn, isn’t he? 😉

  2. Laurie says:


  3. excitedexpectant says:

    Is it obama? He seems like he’d be wise in the art of getting sum and like he’d be willing to share under an assuned identity……tactics that is not partners.

  4. SG says:

    😮 I bet it’s Avara <3

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