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How to Be a Dad

Who Is Richard Bushman REALLY? (Dramatic Reveal Part 1-4)

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Who is Richard Bushman

Who is Richard Bushman Really April Fool's Reveal

It’s all been a lie. Not a white lie, though, this sucker is a brightly-colored lie with stain-guard and fade-resistance. Or is it not a lie? And this is a lie about lying? Whoa…

Richard Bushman is the first guest-poster we’ve had on our website. Many of you enjoyed his amazing tale, Getting an Evite for Sex, and the follow-up, Bring on the Pie (even if you didn’t enjoy the header graphic so much), but some of you were left wondering: just who the heck IS this guy? And, knowing we’re pranksters, people asked if he was actually Charlie or Andy pulling everyone’s digital legs.

Well, we “honestly promise” he is not one of us. But…

::dramatic drum roll::

He is not even himself. Richard Bushman is not Richard Bushman. Tomorrow we will begin revealing who he is, what he does and what he looks like, finishing our reveal on April 1st, our website’s 2nd Anniversary.

Tomorrow we will flip open the first flap!


In the meantime, see if you can guess who it is, what his hair color is, if he’s better looking than Charlie, more bearded than Andy, if he is in fact one of us, or how many times he’s seen Shawshank Redemption… Um. We dunno. Just go with it! Even if it goes nowhere. Leave a guess in the comments below just for fun.


Our 1st AprilFoolsiversary Backfire
We had no idea how badly this would backfire on us. See the “The End” post and our follow-up apology and cake detonation.

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32 Responses to “Who Is Richard Bushman REALLY? (Dramatic Reveal Part 1-4)”

  1. Laurie says:

    Hmmm..I am VERY skeptical of you guys given last year.

  2. It’s Dick Chaney. Game over.

  3. Chris says:

    David Vienna, FTW!!

  4. Andy Hinds says:

    Single Dad Laughing. Obviously.

  5. Jay Z? New Dad. LIkes to write. Knows a thing about the bling.

  6. Carter says:

    Does his last name rhyme with pony?

  7. Kit says:

    final reveal April 1st? “honestly promise” with emphasized quotations?… naaaah no reason to think it’s an april fools joke…

  8. JeninCanada says:

    I’m guessing it’s one of your wives.

  9. Chelsey says:

    Is it the Easter Bunny?

  10. Kay says:

    Revealing the truth on April fools day has me twice as mixed up & all confused. I’m hoping I will know for sure by April 2nd. πŸ˜‰ The inner conflict is eating at me more than I can stand! :O

    Any more hints in store for us? What segment of society is he a part of (aside from “parenthood”)? πŸ™‚

    If “he” is my hubby, then: dear dick, if you want it, don’t make me wait until the basketball game is over & you’ve watched the post-game coverage. DVR is our friend. By Midnight the carriage has turned back into a pumpkin. :O

    If he is a woman: you have sold us down the river. 😐


  11. Karpe says:

    You have promised on a non-4/1 day that it will be truth which you speak on 4/1. Okay, I’m believing it!

    What time of day on 4/1? I am setting my calendar to notify me.

    That’s 4/1/2013?

  12. Desiree says:

    Is it weird that I only care about how many times he’s seen Shawshank? I’m going with… eleven! Am I right?

  13. excitedexpectant says:

    It isnt andy from the shawshank redemption trying to make up for busting outa jail is it?
    Youd have thought he’d have learnt to deal with no sex after all the time he did.

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