How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Hero for a Day

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Hero Dad

So, we’re on this insane road trip when my wife texts me a message. I’m sitting in the backseat of the car and zoning out with my earbuds. It was this image, and the words, “His words. Not mine.”

All the onions. All the dust in my eyes.

He gave me a gift I’ve wanted my entire life, and I’m on the road. Away from home. Missing him like crazy.

If you want to buy this cool book of questions for three years of your child’s life, you can go do that here. It’s worth it.


15 Responses to “Hero for a Day”

  1. DadWIN! Well done, Sir. Well done indeed.

  2. Rebekah says:

    Aww… Could be my pregger hormones but this made me tear up too <3

  3. Natalia says:

    Tissues. Must find tissues.

  4. Hannah says:

    Yay! Go, Charlie (and Finn)!

  5. Dave says:

    Congrats Dad 🙂 I’m looking forward to that day too.

  6. Marilyn says:

    That’s fantastic! Congrats on being the quality of dad that gets such a tribute from your son!

  7. Michael says:

    Emailed link to my wife, asked for it for father’s day.

  8. Carmen says:

    tears to my eyes, or maybe is just because I’m on my days … Ordering this book! Thanks for the link!

  9. Justin says:

    You must be doing something right! That is an I’ll-never-forget-this kind of moment! Awesome!

  10. Farah says:

    Oh my sweetness. FRAME THAT. Definitely buying the book too.

  11. Liana W. says:

    Stupid pregnancy hormones… now I have to buy this book!

  12. Jason says:

    I’ll never forget the first time I heard my son say this about me. Of course I always wanted this, but I never let him know that. When it came out, I was floored. Humbled and proud and feeling like I could take Superman in a street fight, I hugged him tightly and said, “I love you. I hope I can be your hero forever.”

  13. Christine Taylor says:

    Damn Dusty Onions….I Was Good Until Jason’s Response….

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