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Road Trip of the Lost Dads

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Today marks the start of our epic road trip to Dad 2.0 Summit with our good friend The Daddy Complex.

For 31 hours, and damn near 2000 miles, we will drive a 2013 Honda Crosstour loaned to us by Honda (the official vehicle sponsor of the conference), and journey halfway across America to arrive in Houston by Thursday. Or some jail along the way. Whichever.

The video below explains it a bit more…

Having trouble watching? CLICK HERE!
Want more of this music? Go to our friend Kyle Puccia AKA “Epic Mullet Guy” — CLICK HERE!

Coming with us will be a friend and cinematographer to capture in recorded history the insanity of our travels. So we don’t have to monkey poke the buttons on the things with the lights and get a bunch of nostril angles and earthquakey handheld shots.

It’s going to be a total disaster an adventure. We’ve planned some stops, including the Grand Canyon (someone is going to conquer a fear of heights), etc. but who knows where the our route will take us. We’re just hoping to embarrass ourselves enough to make it entertaining for you.

Follow along with us online, and if we’re in your area, we’ll see if we can stop by and give you all high-fives!

How to Follow our Journey:

#HondaDads Follow the hashtag on Twitter.
This will give you realtime updates from the road!

You really ought to be following us on Twitter already.

So you can see the weird pictures of all the weird stuff that we weird out about.

Much less often, but we will update with photos, and short clips of our travels.

For information on The Daddy Complex:

Follow his blog:
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For information on the Honda Crosstour:

Honda website
Crosstour website
Honda FB page
Crosstour FB page
Twitter (@Honda)

Music by: Kyle Puccia or on YouTube.

Disclosure/Disclaimer Thing: This is a promotional post for Honda. There are many like it but this one is ours. This post is our own opinion and our crazytalk DEFINITELY doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinions of Honda or its staff. Who are obviously smart enough to hire us. They have given us a car to drive. They are also helping us make the video which is forthcoming. And by that we mean in the future.


14 Responses to “Road Trip of the Lost Dads”

  1. Colton says:

    I hope you dressed warm. It is rather snowy in Northern Arizona today, and the wind at Grand Canyon never stops.

  2. Shannonannon says:

    There is something seriously wrong with coming all the way to Texas and going to San Antonio and Houston, but missing Austin. Britt Reints did it… you should too!

  3. Charlie. You could unload your unwanted Girl Scout Cookies from city to city as you trek across the country. Could be the stuff of legends. Songs will be written about the 4 of you. That is, until you run out of cookies. Then it’s time to put the pedal to the metal. Good luck!

  4. beta dad says:

    I trust you’ve got the soundtrack from Smokey and the Bandit cued up.

    Good luck, godspeed, and be careful in the truckstop showers.

  5. Keri says:

    THIS IS FANTASTIC!!!! Va va vroom!!!

  6. Marilyn says:

    Too bad Oregon isn’t on the way to Texas! Have fun!

  7. Chris says:

    Very cool guys! In other news, you can check out my journey to the Dad 3.0 Summit, which begins today under the hashtag #SegwayDads

    Good Luck on your journey!

  8. My husband remembers the drive from El Paso to San Antonio as one of the worst experiences of his life. With that said – have fun, guys!

  9. scott says:

    Half the trip will be gettting to Texas, the other half will be driving through Texas. You should eat at H&H in El Paso, 701 Yandell dr. Right off I10 they have awesome food, and you can get your car washed while you eat!

    Oh and once you leave el paso the speed limit is 80 so have fun!

    When you get to Houston if you want some good Texas BBQ eat at Hickory Hollow. If you can’t make it there at least try to make it to Rudy’s.

    Also make sure to stop when you are just outside Houston at Buckee’s. Your son will appreciate the gifts you can get him there.

  10. Coco Cana says:

    Have fun! Hey, if you guys go through Los Angeles then…uh…nevermind.

  11. Nana Carol says:

    Be prepared for that stretch from El Paso to San Antonio. Oh my gosh, is it long! And I agree, a stop at Bucee’s is a MUST. Godspeed on your journey.

  12. Laurie says:

    Have fun!! Lucky you don’t have to come to the east coast, its just YUCK over here!! Safe travels!

  13. […] there. I have a seemingly cool roommate in Andy Herald from How To Be A Dad. Of course, he’s traveling with Honda on a 31 hour road trip, so he may not be the best smelling roommate upon arrival but I’m sure we’ll work it […]

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