How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Baby Jogger Strollers, Journal #2: ADVENTURETIME

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Part of my job as a father is giving me son opportunities to be scared or elated or sleepy.

In that effort, I bring him on many trips and voyages that, perhaps, some parents might not. But I have a tool to help in the endeavor. A rad stroller.

Here’s the second installment in a series of videos talking about being a dad and wielding an almighty stroller. I hope you enjoy them, and give them a THUMBS UP OVER HERE.

Having trouble? CLICK HERE! This video was shot using my eyeballs!

We have had lots of adventures like this. I carry him or push him or drag him, and he comes along, sometimes begrudingly at first.

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12 Responses to “Baby Jogger Strollers, Journal #2: ADVENTURETIME”

  1. Lacey S says:

    I have to admit, I have a Baby Jogger City Mini, and it fits wonderfully in the trunk of our Yaris (Toyota subcompact) and goes everywhere with us. The only disappointment I have with this model is that it is stopped dead by even the smallest rock – I got it believing it was an “all-terrain” stroller, but it’s not. I see they make mini’s now that ARE all-terrain, but we’ll probably just make do for now.

    • charlie says:

      We have a Mini and a Summit. The Summit is awesome for the more all-terrain situations. And the Mini is just a great city stroller. Also, we’re probably giving a stroller away next month! Stay tuned!

      • Jen says:

        I better win it. Did you actually go all 30 something miles? That would have taken you about 9 hours. I think this is false advertising.

  2. Jenilee A says:

    I clicked on the baby jogger link to see about maybe getting one for my three year old and seventeen month old and almost died when I saw the cost of thse strollers. The double city mini would be awesome but why the high cost? definitely not for those on a serious budget. Wish I could get it instead of having to get used and dirty strollers from my sisters hand me down collection, lol.

    • charlie says:

      We did the same thing with our double stroller (we shared child care with another family). Craigslist was our savior. Stayed tuned though. I think we’re giving a stroller away next month!

    • Lacey S says:

      Baby Jogger makes fairly durable and very well designed strollers, so for price they’re midway between, say, Graco strollers and BOBs. I you fall in love with one, you can always take one of your sister’s beat-up strollers into a Babies R Us during one of their trade-in events (next one is happening right now and lasting until Feb 10th) and get 20% off. You can also wait for a sale or until one of the colors is discontinued and get them much cheaper. [disclaimer: I do not work for either Baby Jogger or BRU and do not get paid by either to express my opinions :P Mores the pity…]

  3. Louise says:

    We bought a City Mini for our baby and I love it to death. The one-hand fold is fantastic, and it works so well in those specialty stores which insist on stacking stock randomly on the floor. It fits beautifully in the trunk of my hyundai Getz. It also fits into the trunk of a BMW 3 series convertible like the two companies collaborated on it.

    The seat is also quick drying AND machine washable. I love any baby-related thing that is those two things!

  4. Jennifer says:

    We have a Baby Jogger City Mini-double.
    Love, love, love it. Even my husband is impressed! He has high mechanical expectations, especially when I said I need a double stroller for our two young sons under 3 years.
    It has been a life saver! Especially for any appointments, keeping both kids in a seat is useful (as we have one kids that was hospitalized with doctor fears), I no longer have to chase after one kid leaving the other.
    The City Mini does have warnings stating, “this is not a jogging stroller” So I find it easy to understand why someone who owns a City Mini may say it isn’t for rocky ruggeged treks… Yes, you’d want to pay attention to the manufacturer’s warnings. ;-)

  5. Mikey says:

    we had the city versa awhile back. It was a good nice stroller. Love the reversible seat and quick one hand fold. Very convenient. But it wasn’t a jogging stroller.

    So we sold it away and got a BOB instead. Not too bad. But still miss our city versa…

  6. Inga says:

    i am currently looking for a stroller for my newborn. I am a new mom, totally clueless to the stroller market. What’s a good brand? Can anyone recommend?

  7. Chrissy says:

    Great review! I love that you take your baby with you to exercise that’s what I love about strollers.

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