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How to Be a Dad

Lego: Ruining Childhoods

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So, listen Lego. We have a problem. You have made THIS.

The Coolest Lego Tool Ever Made

Buy it here!

Where was this when I was kid, Sirs and Madams? I lost years off my life. I’m not angry. I’m not. JUST SAYING, OKAY?

Also, you’ve cut down the amount of time searching for pieces by 1/1,000,000,000,000th, thereby making Lego activities about building massive structures and not about:

    1. Stepping on rogue pieces.
    2. Making the “sweeping arms hurricane” motion after you can’t find THE piece you’re looking for.
    3. Using a substitute lego for something specific you’re building and suddenly realizing it looks like a Gaudi masterpiece.

If you want this insanely helpful piece of equipment; BUY IT HERE!

Or, just let your kids suffer the rest of their lives and promote failure. Either one.

It’s almost as fun as playing with Legos!

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16 Responses to “Lego: Ruining Childhoods”

  1. Chris Green says:

    LOL The first time I saw one of these I had to snap a picture and send it to my hubby. I want.

  2. Matt says:

    I can see this as one of the modern conveniences that I will willingly deprive my son of.

    Sorry, buddy — you’ll just have to kick it old school like your dad did those years before.

  3. Mike says:

    What?! Half of the frustration about building Legos was having to find the piece, or substituting the piece with something else only to find the piece you wanted AFTER you completed the build.

    Nay, my son and future kids will learn how to find what they need or improvise, otherwise what will happen when they go camping and run out of TP? They need to learn the skill early.

    • Susie says:

      That’s what I’m saying! Keep you gadgetry, Lego! My child shall learn the hard way- in the show, uphill, both directions.

      But really, that thing takes the fun out of it!

  4. Huyen says:

    Baha! What about the joys of stepping on a piece in the middle of the night in the dark? That way you can have a permanent indention in your foot of that damn lego!

  5. Annie says:

    We are making life way to easy for them. Kids need to learn to THINK, and we are robbing them of that. No thanks we shall never purchase this crappy product.

    • I agree with you Annie…. Children need to learn to use there God-given tools.. they need to learn to THINK!! America is slowly but surely deteriorating our children’s i.Q. by making things so quick and easy. At what point to they decide it’s too much. Nothing is really hands on anymore.

  6. Rika says:

    My son has one. It really doesn’t make it any easier to find a piece – they all end up on the floor mixed together anyway.

  7. zoesmuse says:

    heh. I have no less than 10 of those. For keeping organized, those actually work. I say that, and the last thing B made was a “steering wheel shop.” Legos rule ok.

  8. Jen says:

    Who are these children who only play with the bricks? The vast majority of Lego pieces in our house are weird plates and teeny tiny things that would all end up jumbled together, like they end up at the bottom of the bog standard storage container we already have. Also, who wants to wake up and see that head staring at them from across the room? Yikes.

  9. Nick says:

    How dare Lego try to deprive children of that amazing feeling you get after searching for, what feels like hours, for that one piece to finish building your Lego monorail, or Pirate ship, and then finding it. No kid should be deprived of that. And no parent should be deprived of the pain of stepping on a missing Lego and then cursing Lego at that top of their lungs.

  10. CaseyP says:

    I want this! But in a girl version… surely they make that.

  11. Lacey S says:


    For me, obviously. Not my son. He can search the old fashioned way 😀 (Actually, I’m seriously into Legos as an adult because we couldn’t afford them as a child. The only Legos I had were ~100 bricks I found one day washed up on the beach. True Story. One of the reasons I AM a parent is because my husband has about 10Billion Legos, and told me I couldn’t play with them – they were for our future child. Fixed THAT hiccup… now they’re ALL MINE… I mean OURS!!!)

  12. Hopefully this will make it easier to find the big ones to hide in the carpet for me to step on at 2am.

  13. First time comment. Had to say something on this post. At Christmas trying to be the cool dad, I opted to purchase a 40 lb bag of Bionilce parts from a Craiglist ad. Oh don’t worry the sell went well, there was no attempted abductions or illegal services exchanged. It was legit. My son wanted two Bionicles for Christmas and I decide a 40 lb bag of parts would suit him better. It is January 29, 2013, and I’m still building “freaking” Bionicles. It’s a test of endurance now over the joy of quality time with my son. The “lot” of parts has yielded 68 Bionilces. Not bad for the $75 dollars, but its 40 plus hours of sorting by color, type and size I will never get back. Thank you Lego, as if stepping on a Lego piece is not bad enough…

    Check out the mess here: (This is with 25 or so built 4 days after Christmas)

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