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Live Action Toy Story is AMAZING

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Sometimes, you find things in the least of likely places…

I was looking for a quote from Toy Story on Saturday night. I wanted a video clip of it so I could reply with a 2013 sensibility, you know, using video clips instead of actually talking or typing written words or. Maybe it’s a guy thing.

But in my search, I came across something no less than spectacular. I came across THIS…

It’s a live-action Toy Story. The whole movie. IN REAL LIFE.

The detail is staggering. All 120 minutes of it. Toy Story was the first film my son watched all the way through and it was on repeat for quite some time. I knew the parts we had to fast forward, the parts he would laugh at and which act in the movie I knew we could turn it off without a fight.

In other words, I know the film more or less by heart. So, this? This is incredible.

5th Interview-gasm!

We reached out to the Arizona-based filmmakers and here is what Jesse Perrotta and Jonason Pauley, the duo behind this intense undertaking, had to say for themselves… with help a little help from my ridiculous line of questioning.

CHARLIE: What are your names (not your superhero names, just secret identity, please)?
JONASON: Jonason Pauley.
JESSE: Jesse Perrotta. I also have the nickname Noble Wolf… that I gave to myself, haha.
CHARLIE: Can we just give ourselves nicknames? In that case, I’m Mr. Bodangles.

CHARLIE: If I needed to get your attention, which would be better: a flare gun or an air horn?
JONASON: Flare gun, though as long as you have both, I say use them both…
JESSE: Well, I’ve always been more of a sound guy then a visual guy. Music is my definitely my forte. So, I think a loud, obnoxious horn would grab my attention first, haha.

CHARLIE: What criminally insane genius thought made you voyage on this exquisite filmmaking journey?
JESSE: Well, we’ve always been way too obsessed with Toy Story. And after Toy Story 3 came out, we were so hyped that we decided to do something BIG. We were already making videos together at the time, but this was our first feature length.
JONASON: I thought it would be easy, then we realized that if we were going to do it right (every shot, every detail) it would not be so easy.

CHARLIE: Would you paint your entire house, inside and out, your favorite color?
JESSE: My favorite color is Blue… but I don’t think I would want an all blue house. So no.
JONASON: I like blue too, and I wouldn’t mind an all blue house as long as it is different shades.
CHARLIE: Like… 50 Shades of Blue?

CHARLIE: Have you spoken to Pixar and what have they said? Followup question: Are there unmarked black sedans with dudes in suits outside your house right now?
JESSE: We just got back from visiting Pixar a few days ago. We weren’t invited inside, but we were allowed to pass out DVD’s of our movie to Pixar employees. We have spoken to one of the lead guys at Pixar on Twitter a little bit, and his attitude was positive towards the whole thing. We never got an official word on if it was okay to put it on Youtube though. And about the sedans… haven’t seen them yet, haha!
JONASON: Jesse pretty much covered it. Some of the Pixar employees that we talked to asked if it was online, so I took that as “it should be online” We put it off for a long time because we wanted to make sure it would be alright.

CHARLIE: Did you cry at all? Because I would’ve cried. THE WHOLE TIME DOING THAT LEVEL OF PRECISION.
JESSE: I’m not a crier. I wish I cried more, haha. I think I did more whining than crying. Being in the hot Arizona sun during the summer. I might’ve complained a bit.
JONASON: I cried when Buzz and Woody got run over (see the bloopers), also working with kids, trying to get the timing right. Yes, there were tears…

CHARLIE: What’s next for you guys and where can people follow your journey?
JESSE: We’re definitely going to continue working together on videos in the future. I’d like to make a successful Youtube series, and hopefully get noticed enough to maybe even have a television show one day. Also, I’m pursuing a career in music. You can see all my latest stuff on my Youtube channel.
JONASON: I’m going to school for a degree in film. I want to keep making movies and find a way to do videos for a living. Even watching the Toy Story, there’s things I wish I would have done differently a year ago. People can subscribe to my youtube (the one the movie is on)

There you have it.

As to whether the pair are going to work on the Live Action Toy Story sequels, they have stated, unequivocally, that they will not.

Follow their upcoming mythical exploits.
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6 Responses to “Live Action Toy Story is AMAZING”

  1. Nicole says:

    No shit, LITERALLY as I was reading this, the kid walked up to me the 2 different sized Woody’s (get your mind out of the gutter). Her first movie at the theater was Toy Story 3. We own EVERY DAMN figure possible and she was Buzz for Halloween. This is speaking to me…AND they are in my hood. Must commence stalking….now.

  2. Kevin says:

    I just came across this yesterday and boy what a tremendous effort! I have yet to watch the entire remake here, but I loved the Toy Story trilogy!

  3. Jill says:

    My kid (now about to turn 19), watched this movie several times a day when he was a toddler. For a couple of years. He also spent several weeks dressed up as Buzz Lightyear and endlessly jumping off the furninture and saying “finny-yon!” (to infinity and beyond!) He is an awesome adult. I realize correlation is not necessarily causation, buuuuuut….the evidence is irrefutable if you ask me.

  4. Mimi says:

    We watch the “Toy Movies” almost daily here! We’ll have to add this to the mix! 🙂

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