How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad

Senior vs. Baby


Senior vs Baby funny comparison

C’mon. It’s true. No disrespect to the elderly (or babies)!

We’ve all got parents, or grandparents, that are old—except for Ryan Seacrest maybe, I’m still not convinced he’s human even if I can’t prove it. Don’t talk to me about his bellybutton, it was probably surgically added later. But I digress! Admittedly, being elderly has some unique characteristics. Aaaaaand if we’re being honest, a good few of them seem to match up with the characteristics of babies.

On a barely related note, the New Year’s metaphor of Father Time (depicting the Old Year) and Baby New Year has been around for over a hundred years. Maybe even hundreds. Being born, growing up and then getting old is a common theme of the Universe. I won’t break out into Elton John’s Lion King anthem, but there really is a Circle of Life. Don’t shoot the messenger, I didn’t set this s##t up.

Anyway, I’m done being confusingly philosophical just after a holiday that is traditionally celebrated by people staying up really late and drinking heavily.

Look at it, though. Seniors vs. babies. Just you try to tell me it’s not true.

Oh and uh… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Instructional Diagrams
They don’t have an expiration date, so hopefully these never get old.


11 Responses to “Senior vs. Baby”

  1. Mother Duck says:

    Don’t forget often cranky and let you know exactly how they feel despite any political correctness or social veneer. 🙂

    • Andy says:

      Oh no. You did a “don’t forget / you forgot”… Arg! And also about one that was already in there (Crabby moods). Drink more coffee Mother Duck. If you have a New Year’s resolution to drink less, I absolve you of it. 😉

      And bacon. More bacon for everyone!

      • Mother Duck says:

        You’re right. The past 4 days of excessive laziness has made me less sharp in my old age. Did someone say bacon? Oh, and you never have to worry about me drinking less coffee. My resolution involved other kinds of liquids.

        And… I have just added “I resolve to no longer post a don’t forget/you forgot comment on HTBAD” to the list.

        Happy New Year, Gentlemen!

  2. charlie says:

    Sorry, I’m still so hungover from candy canes that I can’t be bothered to read blogs right now.

  3. Todd says:

    This is great, but I’d argue that babies don’t have difficulty with electronic devices. That’s purely a senior problem.

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