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How to Be a Dad

Uter-Zone: Weight-loss for Women (VIDEO)

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In the busy world we live in, it’s hard to maintain an ideal body weight, so we boldly created a new weight-loss program just for YOU. Well, not all of you.

We present to you, UTER-ZONE! Enjoy!

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This program cleverly doesn’t fall under the category of crash diet or exercise fad. No, ma’am. This is a bonafide, time-tested system that has been working for women for years. You may not lose any weight, but you’ll love the result.

Just add sperm.

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16 Responses to “Uter-Zone: Weight-loss for Women (VIDEO)”

  1. sam says:

    you’ll be so dazzled by the end results you wont remember to think about your weight…or if you realize you’ve gained weight you will not be able to care…
    great video

  2. Laurie says:

    So funny!

  3. Sandra says:

    I lost weight with Uter-Zone too! The best is this beautiful stroller-acessory I got as a reward: with a smiling baby in it doesn’t look so empty anymore!

  4. Scott says:


  5. Ruth says:

    Wow! And you even get to keep the weight you lose in a cute doll sized mini me!

    Love your blog guys, makes me feel not so crazyzombieladymum O_o

  6. Christina says:

    This was great. However now that I’m done with the Uter-zone, I’d like to lose the rest of the 20 lbs I gained… on top of the 30 I needed to lose in the first place. Kthanx.

  7. Does Dr. Capen provide the sperm? Just asking.

  8. Dali says:

    Hey Guys, MERCY!!! I couldn’t stop laughing. AWESOME blog!

  9. Erich says:

    This program WORKS. My wife gained almost 40 pounds and after just 24 hours of using this amazing product!

  10. bfmama says:

    Very funny. I’ll be completing Uterzone in approximately 9 or 10 weeks.

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