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Baby Ninja

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Ninjas aren’t born ninjas, that’s true… Or is it? Think about it. Babies are apparently born with various ninja characteristics.

How many times have you muttered to yourself, totally mystified, “How the heck?” as you pulled something out of your little one’s hand that could not possibly have been reached? Or let out a yelp as you discover your kid right behind you when just a second ago he/she was in front of you? Ninjas!

The point is, not that there really needs to be one… It’s much easier to care for babies and raise kids when you allow yourself to accept the reality that they are all ninjas. It’s only when we grow up that we forget what we once were. Until we remember to remind ourself not to forget to recall that we were once ninjas ourselves.

Have a great weekend, HTBADers!

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What these lack in ninja skills, they more than make up for with humor.


22 Responses to “Baby Ninja”

  1. Oh my goodness, how did my nephew end up in a picture on the Internet? 😛
    He’s going through a “baby-stage” where’s he OBSESSED with the refrigerator (not to mention playing in the dog water and now eating the dog food). Every time I turn around, he’s in the kitchen! But between his bow legs, milk-gut, and big square head, he’s too adorable to ever, ever be angry with. Really.

  2. Bullgrit says:

    That look on the babe’s face says, “Oh no, you caught me!” and “Sleep lightly tonight.”

  3. H* says:

    this photo is hilarious! i have one of my daughter doing the same!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Oh, this totally explains it! My daughter is a baby ninja!! She was a small preemie, so at 10 months she’s crawling and pulling up, but is only about 15 pounds…which means she can fit into some very small spaces. Like the space between the couch and the end table, which looks like it couldn’t fit a two-liter soda bottle…

  5. Mammasaurus says:

    Ha! Caught in the act – loving it!

  6. Stephanie K. says:

    I’m constantly calling my children ninjas. Especially the 11 month old who, now that he’s a pro-crawler, has been exploring the entire house and getting into everything he shouldn’t be!!

  7. Tad says:

    We kept finding ourselves out of toilet paper. Then, security camera footage caught our ninjababy as the culprit:

  8. Christina says:

    I found my son on the 2nd shelf of some pretty unsolid book cases… He’s like 3x bigger than the space he fit into…I’m shocked the bookshelf didn’t topple over!

    • Andy says:

      Oooohoohoo! I had that happen with Cody and Max. I got called into the living room and was told by Cody, “Try to find Max.” Immediate a sense of dread came over me, I knew something was not going to be good about it. All of the sudden a cabinet in up the middle of a bookshelf burst open and Max screamed TA-DAH! I didn’t utter ta-dah, but I screamed too. I spent the rest of the day screwing straps in to bracing the shelfs to the walls.

  9. Kristen says:

    Ahhh, the cold-squishy feeling of leftover spaghetti between the toes.

  10. Evonne says:

    Ha ha ha!! couldn’t figure out once how the (then) toddler was getting things out of a drawer too tall for him to reach, till I caught him in the act (with camera too) of climbing the cupboard door below. Classic!! and Mr 9 looked surprised when I caught him at the fridge early this morning (before everyone was up) just ‘looking’ at the candies I had made for the school fair…apparantly he forgot about my ‘super vision’ (and that’s another story)…

  11. Kelley says:

    This is so cute! You’re right. Babies ARE ninjas!

  12. Riley Romatz says:

    One night I changed our daughters diaper and then went back to sleep. I could feel her cuddle up to me(we co-sleep) and suddenly warmth spread all over my body… I jumped out of bed and turned the lights on, she curled into the fetal position and was sleep-smiling… Completely naked! She peed all over me! So my next question is: where the heck is the diaper?! Wake my husband up, tell him to get off the bed and as he’s getting up, we find the diaper completely clean underneath him! He doesn’t move at night! Four months later and I still can’t figure out how she pulled it off. Lets just say she has to wear a onesie or pants to bed now!

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