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How to Be a Dad

Baby Sleep Position: H is for HELL (VIDEO)

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Our letter H diagram needed a bit more explanation and delineation in a way that could only be described in a cinematic format. Thus, we shot this episode of Baby Sleep Positions: “H is for Hell”.

Good luck, co-sleepers… Enjoy.

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Instructional Diagrams
Read em and weep-laugh. Or something


9 Responses to “Baby Sleep Position: H is for HELL (VIDEO)”

  1. TIm says:

    One of many reasons not to co-sleep.

  2. kat says:

    Hilarious! My husband and I know all too well about the dreaded “H” position! Now we have a 7 month old added to the mix! She sleeps next to the empty cosleeper and the the four year old sleeps in the middle still. But now the baby likes to be “rolled over” in the middle of the night back and forth… it’s like cuddling a bowling ball and rolling it over your chest lol! Keep the videos coming!

  3. Laurie says:

    That does not look the slightest bit fun!

  4. danielle says:

    Haha, we still co-sleep with our three year old and the husband knows too well about the H position since he always seems to get the feet kicking him and I get her head 😀

  5. ivfhubby says:

    Just wanted to say this is pretty awesome. We co-sleep and we don’t mind, but yes there are consequences. I love the comic strip pics too – so funny because they’re true. To be honest, it seemed at least for us the co-sleeping actually got her to sleep through the night better. And she’s weaned off of momma’s milk and other things because I think she’s happy to be with us. I think eventually she will wean off of co-sleeping though I’m not sure if that will make me happy or sad.

    Great blog! Love it!

    • Anna says:

      Haven’t come as far as the H yet. Our LO is still in his cosleeper in our bed but getting waaaay too long for it. But I agree here cosleeping makes our LO sleep WAY better through the night and is so much easier on me and the booby feeding gig cuz I can sleep and feed LO and don’t have to deal with unnecessary waking up of LO.

  6. Melissa says:

    I read that in bed, toddler foot dangling precariously close to my face.
    It was hilarious! Thank you.

  7. Russ says:

    I’m totally depressed because I just watched what will be happening to me tonight. God I hope I don’t get kidney failure.

    Actually, screw it! Tonight I’m punching back! Tonight we FINISH this! There can be only one!

  8. This one I know very well. You all had me laughing so hard tears came to my eyes, lol… My 2.5 year old does it all the time. She’s strong! Good strong legs for kicking. I wait till she falls into that really deep sleep and move her to her bed. She doesn’t like it very much when she wakes up and usually she returns but it at least gives me a little time to sleep. God Speed to you all! Thank God they’ll eventually grow up and this is only for a short time (sure doesn’t seem like it when you’re going through it though).

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